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How it is original to pack a gift by New year?

Gifts - it is so pleasant! And when they originally are also beautifully packed - twice more pleasantly. Packing is the first impression about a gift. How we imagine its registration? Most often is a beautiful bag or festive paper and a bow. Gifts please with

in any kind, but sometimes there is a wish for something new and interesting to surprise the family that the gift was allocated from other, lying under a fir-tree. How it is possible to pack a New Year`s gift?

1. To put a gift in a Christmas boot . Such boot can be made most or to buy ready in shop. To make such packing, only the piece of fabric, a thread and a bow is required.

2. In a mitten . As well as the boot, a mitten can be sewed, and then to decorate with beads, paillettes, it is possible to embroider still a pattern and even a name of the person to which the gift is addressed. Then it will be a nominal mitten.

3. In a Christmas ball . Certainly, you will not pack a teddy bear into a Christmas ball, but small presents - it is quite possible. It is, of course, work laborious, but the result is worth it. Beautifully gifts in transparent spheres look. It is necessary to take plastikovyyshar, to divide it into two parts, to put a gift and to accurately stick it. That “seam“ of our ball was less noticeable, it is possible to tie from above a ribbon or to paste stickers, for example, with snowflakes. At the same time and and a sphere you will decorate.

4. In Father Frost`s sack . I think, each of us can think up as this bag has to look. For example, red or blue, tied by a lace.

5. In a coco . Such to tropical New Year`s packing. The coco needs to be sawn a hacksaw on two parts, to pour out milk, to dry, put inside a gift and to decorate as a Christmas tree decoration. To paste stickers, to tie a tape. The unusual Christmas tree decoration will turn out!

6. In a basket with “New Year`s mood“ . It is possible to pack a gift into a basket, there to put tangerines, candies, Christmas tree decorations, to decorate the basket handle with tinsel.

7. In a New Year`s fir-tree . Certainly, not in real. Packing of a gift requires a cardboard, green tinsel and jewelry for a fir-tree. To make a cone and the pallet of a cardboard in order that the fir-tree “was closed“, and the gift did not drop out. Around to wind a fir-tree with tinsel and to decorate with toys.

8. In a box in the form of the book . To take a cardboard, to make the box similar to the book and to decorate it. To think up the name, to ornament, it is possible also wishes to write. Do not forget to specify the author of the book.

9. In a foil or a cardboard in the form of candy. Interesting candy will turn out!

It is possible to put to a present a card, only not with standard wishes, and in the form of the letter. Letters from Father Frost. Certainly, not all will understand it, but for the small child or for the person with sense of humour such otkrytochka will become remarkable addition to a gift and will lighten mood. Last year I put all the to friends similar letters. Wrote the address, a name of the recipient and sender (Father Frost, Velikiy Ustyug) and the text thought up interesting. Friends were pleasantly surprised with such addition to a gift.

Show the imagination, experiment - and your gift will be remembered for a long time!