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Mobbing. For work, how on fight?

Friendly uniform staff of the people respecting each other. Unless it is not remarkable? You go to work, as for a holiday! If it about your place of work - I congratulate. But not everyone is so lucky. At work we can face a mobbing and in that case we will appear not during the holiday, and in the field of fight.

“That for a mobbing such?“ - you ask. Let`s address the dictionary. “The Mobbing is often repeating, systematic mockery, psychological terror“. Collective where this mobbing lodged, it is amicable “digs out tomahawks and declares the beginning of war or big hunting“. And employees as in the best blockbuster, turn in “predators and the victims“.

More and more menacing sizes are got in the world by this problem. It is a little statistics: in such developed countries as Sweden, England, the USA, Australia, are seriously concerned about this problem. For example, in the Netherlands every fourth suffers from a mobbing, and in Germany - it is more than one million.

What aim is pursued by “predators“? the Answer is simple: “to eat“. How in the nature predators exhaust a game? Cut off from herd. Having remained one, the small animal becomes an easy mark. So also our hunters act. To make the victim the derelict in collective, and then morally and to destroy physically pursued. To break and crush!

Who becomes “hunter“? the Forward. Statistically initiators of persecution in 50% are those who hold senior positions.

What weapon they choose?
of the Sneer and sarcasm . This method can be compared to persecution by dogs. Literally the word sarcasm and is translated from Greek - “to tear meat as dogs“. Just as dogs tear off meat from a bone of the production, “the sarcastic humour humiliates and deprives of the person of self-respect“.

To spoil to the victim reputation . That as not the gossip, will easily cope with it “an interesting task“. To fray it language earlier, doing harm to the person, it was punishable. Today do not feed with bread, let`s pick someone to pieces. How the gossip affects the victim? Like “blow of a knife in a back“.

Open terror . Even more often predators apply also direct attacks. Show open hostility and aggression. It is unintentional to damage important documents, to hide necessary information, to make the victim such to itself “whipping boy“ on whom all cones pour. To receive regularly from the administration, as they say, “for itself and for that guy“. To load with additional work, to saw apropos and without cause, at the same time in an emphasis without seeing achievements. Quite often the aggressor even breaks things of the victim, necessary for work, for example, the computer.

By the way, besides statistically, strangely enough, such attack is practiced in the woman`s basic. Unpleasantly, but “statistics - the exact science“.

Why become hunters?

1. That most not to fall a victim . Therefore some join initiators. Not to come off collective.

2. New collective . To take a place in the sun, it is necessary someone and to press.

3. Nonprofessional heads . As it was already told above, often management creates such “fighting“ situation in collective. Having concentrated on the chair and on how not to lose it, the head creates favorable conditions in order that employees began to practise in palace intrigues.

4. Stress . When in collective a situation still that, employees begin to have a constant stress. How to get rid of it? Here also “the hunting season“ opens. Oppressors admit that, humiliating the victim and venting on it irritation, they thereby get rid of a stress.

Who can fall a victim? Yes any! You brand new and inexperienced? Means, the loser. Or perhaps you, on the contrary, are more skilled and are more senior than others? Means, the bore. You black sheep? You differ in something from others? Means, the upstart. Are sure of themselves? Impudent type. Not sociable? Here it is absolutely simple: “Still waters run deep“. As you can see, the reason for persecution always at desire can be found.

Consequences. In 20% of cases business comes to an end with suicides. Others suffer from mental and physical disorders, depressions, sleeplessness, attacks of panic fear. 30% get the diseases connected with a stress.

How to be protected?

1. Whom predators attack? On weak. Analyse yourself. What your problem allows others to think that for a role of the victim you quite approach? Perhaps it is the underestimated self-assessment? If you underestimate yourself, hunters intuitively (on a scent) feel it.

2. The predator uses production errors. You watch what you do as you speak and as you behave. Be ready to expose in the protection arguments, but not emotions.

3. Keep calm by all means. From you only also wait that you broke, flew into a rage or showed fear. It will serve as a signal for an aggressor. “You are conducted? Well, now get used. So will be always“.

4. The predator wants to convince you, “that you nobody and to call you in any way“. Well, and with a pettiness and it is necessary. Remember, you are a personality! You are unique! And it as you the person was not and will not be any more. Find in yourself those qualities of which you should be proud. They at you it is obligatory to eat.

5. When you speak with the offender, stand directly, quietly. You speak with confidence, but it is tactful. Do not assimilate to predators, falling to insults. Directly you look in the face to the offender. Also you do not keep provocatively.

6. Be higher than those who fell so low to ego-trip at your expense. They should be regretted, hunters are people with a heap of the problems and complexes. Change the relation to yourself in the beginning, and then to others.

7. You remember, it is not a shame to leave for good when you are obviously provoked and you feel that on a limit. Ability to avoid the conflicts demands great patience and courage.

8. Look for supports among those who love you. Family and friends will give you forces to stand. Have patience. Time that the situation changed in your advantage is required.

Address to “victims“ : “If to take a snake for the head, all the rest will be just a rope “. Act firmly and resolutely.

Appeal to predators : “Aggressions study, but from everything that they learned, it is possible and to be disaccustomed“ (Sallie Murphy).