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Why there are accidents? Flatness of

For many motorists of Russia happiness is at least lack of holes on roads. Other autousers whose number promptly grows insist that roads are obliged to be ideally equal. And how to understand is already flat road or still not? Probably, flatness should be measured From time immemorial in Russia on the road deepening more than 5 cm was considered as

as a hole. Officials of 21 centuries established that the hole to 7 cm in depth, to 0,5 meters in width and to 1,5 meters in length since 2010 is not considered a hole. Thereby significantly improved road condition statistics.

But the flat road is not only lack of holes.

Here example, unfortunately, hereinafter real road accident.

On the highway of the III category the domestic SUV slowly moved. Without any visible reasons it several times turned over and remained to lie on the road wheels up.

The wondering driver got out of the car. Went as usual, speed a little more than 60 km/h, not for the first time on this road. The road so-so, but is not present either holes, or hollows. Suddenly the car began to be shaken and jump up, it slightly set a wheel to choose as it seemed to it, more equal site by

The matter is that each road has small roughnesses. They constitute special danger when are formed in the course of asphalt laying by any mechanism. Because often repeat through the identical intervals of a way equal to length of the mechanism which formed them. If the car at a certain speed gets on such site, fluctuations of its elements can enter a resonance and amplify sharply, having caused an emergency.

Having had an accident, find out even if the road seems rather equal whether the sum of roughnesses on this site exceeded the limit established for each category of roads. For example, for the road of the III category this level measured by a so-called tolchkomer makes no more than 860 centimeters on kilometer of a way.

However, in our country excessive flatness - it is rather an enemy of safety.

On the repaired sites immediately by 3 - 4 times accident rate increases. And hardworking road builders, having once again repaired highways, are accepted to roads of the lowest categories. On svezhezaasfaltirovanny country roads they ingenuously set the restrictions of speed having effect of a red rag on some drivers. But establish not for nothing!

Turning from the highway on the narrow road, these some continue to rush with the same speed, the benefit flatness allows. But they do not notice, for example, that the road became already and is worse cleared of snow.

Here on the rovnekhonky winter road of the IV category the mighty Japanese SUV rushes. The passenger will fasten a seat belt and sleeps. He woke up from sharp breakthrough - doors are closed, there is no driver. But why it is so cold? Aha, back glass is broken. Where driver? The car costs, having developed in the middle of the road. Having judged that the driver, most likely, is somewhere behind, the passenger went to look for him. Having passed 100 meters, he found in a roadside snowdrift in a pose of char-grilled chicken of the driver, fortunately, live.

It appears, the car at a speed of 170 km/h drove the right wheel during dense snow. At such speed not just turned the car, and sent to mad rotation on the slippery road. The driver was not fastened, tore off him from a wheel, dragged through all salon and through a back door threw out outside. by

Choosing movement speed, you remember - you have to operate not only the car, but also a road situation. And the category of the road is lower, the less this situation is predictable.

And in what else dangerous signs small roads differ from big? Of course, longitudinal and cross profiles!