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How to make potato in an oven?

Potato - very valuable present brought not so long ago from America to Europe. This vegetable sometimes saved many countries from hunger. Not for nothing at us it is called the second bread.

Potato dishes are popular not only in Russia. Their simple recipes are known to us according to the statement of one of heroes of the movie “Girls“: “Potato happens fried, boiled and mashed potatoes“. We with you will prepare dishes from it more difficult so that it was not a shame to treat with them the invited guests.

Roll potato with mushrooms

That is necessary for the test:

• Wheat flour - 180 g
• Potatoes boiled - 2 pieces
• Eggs - 2 pieces
• Salt - a pinch

That is necessary for a stuffing:

• Champignon mushrooms - 300 g
• Onion - 2 pieces
• Potatoes boiled - 1 piece.
• Cream cheese - 100 g
• A marjoram ground - a pinch
• A paprika ground - a pinch
• Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons
• Salt, pepper - to taste

At first should make dough. For this purpose we grate potato on a large grater, we add egg, the salt and flour sifted through a sieve and properly we knead everything.

Then we prepare a stuffing. Small we cut mushrooms, and onions even more small. We fry the last in a stewpan. In 5 minutes we add mushrooms and we prepare, constantly stirring slowly, before evaporation of all liquid. At the end we add a marjoram, a paprika, salt and ground black pepper to a stuffing. And what to do with boiled potato? We knead it together with cheese in mashed potatoes.

Again we come back to the test. We roll it in thin layer and we coat with our mashed potatoes. Where it there at us? From above we display mushrooms with onions, slightly pressing them a shovel. We turn layer in roll, sticking together moist hands of its edge, having sprained them inside. And you as thought? The recipe - that at us difficult. Tasty to make potato roll with mushrooms, it is necessary to work.

We place roll on the baking sheet laid by parchment, we grease its (roll) with egg and we send to the warmed oven for 40 minutes. Uf, it is possible to make toilet to arrival of guests.

Potatoes made in an oven on - Bulgarian

That will be required:

• Large potatoes - 6 pieces
• Cottage cheese - 500 g
• Butter - 100 g
• Eggs - 2 pieces
• Yogurt natural - 250 g
• Salt, pepper - to taste

we Shake up cottage cheese and the softened oil in homogeneous mass, we salt it and we pepper. If cottage cheese abrupt, we wipe it through a sieve. We cut the peeled potato the thinnest circles. We oil a form and we spread in it about a third of the cut potato, and from above - as much curds. Then two more same layers. Top we level a damp rake. We pick a form a food foil and we send for an hour with a tail to the oven warmed to 190 degrees. After the specified time we remove a foil, we water potato with the mix of egg and yogurt which is shaken up with salt and pepper, we reduce temperature in an oven a little and we continue preparation of 20 more minutes.

Potato trickled pastries in Italian

will be required to

For preparation very little:

• Potato - • Eggs - 3 pieces
• Flour - 300 g
• Cheese parmesan - 100 g
• Butter - how many it is not a pity for
• Tomatoes fresh - 300 g
• A basil - 20 - 30 leaflets

Potato we wash 1 kg
and we cook in a peel in Russian 20 minutes. Then we clean and we pass via the meat grinder. Cheese is grated on a small grater and we add together with the sifted flour and egg to a bowl with potatoes. We knead. Dough has to turn out elastic and uniform. Right there we divide it into three equal parts.

Skatyvay in a sausage of finger with a diameter of two children`s also we cut each part small shaybochka. We trample down them so that small flat cakes turned out. That was not only it is tasty, but also it is beautiful, we put with a fork on everyone a trellised pattern. Now trickled pastries in the small portions that did not stick together, we boil no more than 2 minutes in the added some salt boiling water. On readiness they have to as pelmeni to emerge on a surface.

Meanwhile it is necessary to prepare gas station. We knead the washed-up and dried leaves of a basil a fork or hands so that juice appeared, and then quickly we fry them in olive oil. We spread on a paper towel. We do to tomatoes from above a crosswise hara-kiri and we lower for half-minute in the boiling water. Then they should be cooled well very cold water. This procedure will facilitate to us removal of a thin skin from them. At first we cut pulp of tomatoes in half, we delete seeds, and then on three parts. Well and at last, we mix everything that we prepared, namely: potato trickled pastries, leaves of a basil and pieces of the tomatoes cleared of a peel.

Your Italian potato dish is ready. Give it to a table with tomato or cheese sauce or just with the kindled butter.

By the way, potato trickled pastries in Italian in finished form can be stored in the refrigerator about one month, having wrapped them in food wrap.

All bon appetit!