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How to stop career development? A bad advice of

Often should be heard that career prevents private life that in general jammed all life and so on. Career for many is something what it is difficult to refuse when it goes to hands, but nevertheless for some reason not too desired. Therefore there is a wish to offer several councils which will help to ruin the most promising career reliably.

time for private life, reflections about imperfection of the world and other In exchange will appear.

The first that should be remembered for this purpose who wants to stop the career development: it is not necessary to advertize itself. Advertizing of itself, the work - it is very immodest. And the modesty, as we know, decorates the person. Person, but not career! So if you are not interested in career - refuse advertizing of the achievements. Eventually, if you really valuable employee, then the administration itself appreciates you. Can be. Sometime.

Your formation, the available stock of knowledge is a top, further which should not aspire. Eventually, you are so not bad fed. Today. And to reflect on tomorrow is to think of career, and you are not interested in career development.

Refuse what is called “useful acquaintances“. Such acquaintances are useful only for career, and it is not necessary for you.

Be registered on all possible social networks, starting with Schoolmates and graduating from Facebook, get online - game - all this will help to pass away time on a workplace, reliably interfering with career development. It is desirable that you behind communication on social networks from the working computer or behind game were found by the chief. But it is quite enough if other employees learn about it - sooner or later everything will reach the administration, at office of a gossip extend with a speed considerably exceeding not only sound speed, but even light.

Regularly visit dating sites, using the working computer in working hours. Discuss new acquaintances with colleagues as it is possible more actively, show them photos of your interlocutors.

Talking on social networks, be most frank. Tell about the work, discuss the administration (especially its shortcomings), you share events of the private life in all details. The Internet is not so anonymous, apparently, and not so big as it is represented, looking at the globe - it is quite close, and the probability that your revelations concerning absence from work from - for heavy a hungover syndrome (celebrated birthday) will soon reach your immediate superior mysterious the Internet - ways is high.

Remember that the corporate party is just that place where it is possible to prove to be in all beauty, and at the same time and the relation to career development. As an example the recipe of companion Novoseltsev from immortal “Office romance“ is recommended (1977, the director Eldar Ryazanov): at first properly to drink, and then to try to make impression on the administration. If the impression appears not quite positive - to offend the administration, accusing of an emotional impoverishment. Having executed such program, it is possible to drink quietly before loss of consciousness - it will have due effect too. And it will be possible to forget about career development. And it is very probable that not only within this company.

Be constantly dissatisfied. A salary, duration of the working day, orders in the company, colleagues, the business charged to you, the administration. Especially - the administration. Also do not hesitate to state this discontent.

Regularly be late for work. And here it is possible to leave a workplace and a bit earlier. Eventually, work - not a wolf, and your purpose - not career development.

Promise as much as possible, and do as little as possible. Do not hesitate to deceive the administration, especially if it is about work. Even if you did not start implementation of the project yet, safely claim that everything is already ready, and then delay in every way commissioning of the project.

Behave at office freely - as at home. You do not work to lower a voice, talking to someone - to you there is nothing to hide from the world. You do not work to choose to yourself interlocutors - what difference to whom and what to tell if you are not interested in career.

Constantly complain of family problems and justify with it the delay or early ukhoda from work.

Follow the above advice at least partially - and your career development will be stopped. Perhaps - forever.