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I am a volunteer! You present me a smile?

in many countries celebrate on December 5 the Day of volunteers (The International Volunteer Day for economic and social development - International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development) offered in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly. by

In the 18-19th centuries volunteers called the people who voluntarily enlisted. At all times there were people for whom way of self-expression was a labor of love for the benefit of society.

In what volunteers in the 21st century are engaged? Many public organizations set as the purpose of the activity the volunteer movement. It is pleasant to realize that the huge number of people is ready to respond in the free time to a request for the help, without expecting remuneration.

All of us know that it is possible to contact police with the statement for loss of the person only in three days, and volunteer search groups are ready to respond already in a day. Sometimes time - the main factor, especially when children vanish.

Quite often volunteers will organize private homeless animals shelters. In what their difference from state? That volunteers are most often people from different social groups, and most often youth. In a century of modern technologies the young activist can quickly attach a homeless kitten, having posted his photo on social networks or on the shelter website.

Who else needs the help of volunteers? Pensioners! Unfortunately, now there are a lot of lonely old men. Not absolutely lonely, children work for many in the large cities, and sometimes and abroad. Not everything put the help of social workers and to whom it is put, not they can help with everything.

In Day of the elderly person in the large cities actions of assistance to pensioners take place not the first year. For example, to move a heavy case at the request of the pensioner, to wash a window, to paint a fence, to take out large-size garbage. If the elderly person needs such help, he can leave the application in the center of social protection of the population of the area.

Many Municipal managements of social protection of the population cooperate with public organizations in which there are volunteers. In the same place elderly people can sign up for computer courses.

Generally such courses pass at the universities, colleges and municipal libraries equipped with the modern computer equipment. If still a year ago pensioners on similar courses studied only bases of computer literacy, then now their inquiries grew, and many programs are cardinally changed. Any more you will surprise nobody with registration of the pensioner on a social network. Now often happens it is necessary to help to connect Skype and to teach them to use.

The service “Bank Online“ enjoys wide popularity. The advanced pensioners do not want to stand in queues any more to receive pension or to make necessary payments. They with a great interest study new service. Having paid a communal flat through the Internet, they first several times go to bank to specify whether money for the account arrived. In few months when penetrate into all subtleties, get used.

Among volunteers not only youth, even more often and people of advanced age adjoin their ranks. Some, so to say, capable pensioners, having studied the computer and the principle of work in the Internet, offer the gratuitous services in the Network. At representatives of the senior generation awkwardness when they are trained by age-mates vanishes. Besides, after a communication session they can be invited home, to drink a cup of tea and in easy conversation to discuss recently left “gadget“.

Many do not believe that volunteers do not receive absolutely any benefit. Of course, receive! Leaders of volunteer movements will organize for participants of the movement departures on the nature, game in a paintball, bowling, a visit of movie theater. The main thing in volunteer activity is a communication and smiles of grateful people!