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Power - vampires. How to protect itself from energy loss?

They exist... And constantly take away your energy!

The personal power plays a large role in life of each person. At the low level of energy the objectives are not achieved, important issues and mood on zero are not done.

However we lose energy differently. On own experience I can tell that there are internal reasons and there are external. The person is guilty of the first case in violation of the power. For example, energy leaves at alcohol intake, at manifestations of envy, rage and other negative emotions. Workaholics often look tired and exhausted as cannot establish balance between work and rest.

In these cases the healthy sleep, high-quality rest, sport, yoga, communication with the nature, music or reading will help to restore energy.

The external reasons of loss of personal energy are not always obviously noticeable. Happens, the person feels broken and tired though he not especially and strained. Then we wonder: “What happened? It seems did not work too much today, did not take alcoholic drinks at anybody did not swear, and there is no mood, and activity on zero!“ We feel how we “squeezed orange“, but do not understand what it comes from and how to cope with it?

And there is it because some surrounding people pull from us our energy. When I realized it, began to watch fluctuations of own power. Really, is among us power - vampires. They “eat“ our vital forces, are loaded with our energy. After communication with such people we are tired, and our activity decreases several times.

Especially it is felt by those people who often act publicly, conduct webinars or advise. Children are also very sensitive to power streams and often become “victims“. Therefore it is very important to watch the level of the energy and “not to give“ its power - to vampires. It is desirable also to teach to protect children itself from bad influence. As it to make


First of all, it is necessary to realize and accept that such people are power vampires - exist. It is the first step on the way to your protection. When the person does not even think of it, it is very simple to scoop energy from him. He does not even understand what occurs therefore and cannot deal with it.

When you will accept the fact of existence power - vampires, at once will begin to notice who and when pulls from you your forces. And it already creates a peculiar barrier on power - level.

If you foreknow that the person with whom you should communicate or work takes away your energy, create to yourself additional protection to a meeting with it. For this purpose present how all your energy smoothly flows streams through all body. “Collect“ all your energy from streams in one big sphere around a solar plexus. Feel that all your energy concentrated in one place and does not flow away anywhere. At the same time you speak about yourself: “My energy remains only with me. I use it only for the needs and actions. Nobody will be able to take away my energy!“ Thus, you create a hidden barrier through which power - it will be already difficult to vampire to make the way.

There is one more method which I constantly apply. Every time when you see that someone stares at you in transport, on the street, in public places, anywhere, repeat about yourself such phrase (better few times): “Let and you will send all evil which you send me, will return back, and will not concern me!“

at the same time try to concentrate the attention on this person. You do not do the harm to it in any way. But here if it sent you something negative, then its own negative also will return to it. You will remain in fine mood and full of energy. It is checked! Minus this action only that sometimes just you forget to tell these words at the right time.

Control energy and power - vampires, begin to protect and protect yourself, and be happy!