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How to earn to the woman in the decree?

Unfortunately, our state practically do not care for the women raising babies. And it is a pity, these women bring up citizens of Russia who will work for the country benefit. Also it is desirable that the little citizen was brought up in prosperity and a quiet situation, but it is so lucky not everyone...

to Some women in the first year of life needs to come to work that the family had enough means for existence. The small child suffers from it first of all. If you got into such difficult situation, we offer you several ways to leave it with the smallest losses for the child. So, how to earn to mother in the decree.

Way 1. To open the business. the Option difficult, but too deserves attention. Of course, seed capital will be required. It can be taken in bank or to ask for friends. Open small shop of things or products or maybe gift shop and souvenirs. Minuses of such earnings are that it will be required to register itself as the individual entrepreneur before opening shop. Besides, the shop needs to devote the most part of time that is not suitable for the baby`s mother at all. If all of you were on opening of own business in a forceful mood, think that it is rather interesting to you. It can be both opening of the shop, and opening of private kindergarten, and carrying out various courses, for example, of English if you know it in perfection. This way of earnings the riskiest, but also the most profitable. You remember: he who risks nothing, gains nothing!

Way 2. To write articles under the order. If you have a literary skill, you can quite try out as the copywriter. Be for this purpose registered at the exchange of articles, them great variety now, and write, write, write. Time will come - you will be noticed. Your articles will begin to buy. Only be not limited to writing of one - two articles. It, as a rule, does not bring result. Define the hottest topics that will be really necessary for the reader, and forward. Still it is possible to look for the websites which are always glad to new authors. As, for example, Shkolazhizni`s website. ru.

If in your head a set of interesting ideas and plots, write the book. Of course, she will demand much bigger efforts, than article, but also will be appreciated the book much higher. Many publishing houses look for talented authors. If you one of them, decide on a plot and get to work.

Way 3. To create the website. It can be made absolutely free of charge. Many known search engines give such chance. Here too it is necessary to decide on a subject. You mother, and so also create the website for the same mothers. Fill it with various interesting information on education of children, on a feeding up, on the developing games and many other. In order that your website always had visitors, add its vrazlichny search engines, except yours. Advertize the website to the friends personally or through a social network, and they surely there will glance. And if your website is interesting to Internet users, then advertisers will find you!

Way 4. To become the organizer of joint purchases. you, probably, already know what is joint purchase? If is not present, then read attentively. Many of us dream to buy goods much cheaper, than offer us shopping centers. And it is real! For this purpose it is necessary to decide on goods. For example, it will be children`s winter suits. You find the supplier. You get acquainted with its conditions, you do the order wholesale and you take away it from a warehouse. Example: the supplier A is engaged in wholesale of children`s suits, the minimum order has to be not less than 15000 rubles. One to you hardly needs such quantity of suits. Then you are registered on the special websites. You load photos of suits, the prices and conditions of purchase. 10 more mothers wishing to buy suits cheaper join you, and you collect joint the order for 20000 rubles. Then you go to a warehouse of the supplier and redeem goods. You distribute it to other mothers and you earn the organizing reward. In what size, you solve.

Well, that`s all. More precisely, not everyone: these are some ways to gain income, without coming to work. If you sew, knit, write, draw, then before you the set of roads is opened. Be not afraid, believe in yourself, and at you everything will turn out!