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Who such sea Roma?

“Sea Roma“, or badzhao - the nomadic people living on the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines and if to be more precisely, then the constant place of their accommodation - the sea Sula and Sulawesi. These people are born

in the sea and carry out all the life in the boat about five meters in size to length and two to width. The most part of the floating dwelling is occupied by belongings: canisters with gasoline, pans, plastic ware and even pots with flowers. These people never spent the night on the land and only occasionally go into the coast. To exchange the hooked fish for fresh water, rice and other necessary things.

Why badzhao chose for themselves destiny of sea nomads, it is unknown. They tell a legend of the powerful sultan whose daughter was carried away by sea waves. The inconsolable governor ordered to the citizens to move off in searches of the princess and forbade to come back without daughter. So still they also wander in the sea...

In the Middle Ages the state preserved badzhao: sea inhabitants helped to reconnoiter new trade ways and preserved old against piracy attacks. Now, when there is no blank spot on the map left at all, nobody needs prospecting services. And local, settled inhabitants with mistrust treat the wandering neighbors. Therefore under the pressure of the Indonesian authorities more and more badzhao leave the sea, lodging on the coast. Someone finds a way out in very unusual way, so to speak, “neither ours, nor yours“, a house system on piles directly over water. The whole settlements with schools and mosques connected by system of bridges under which easily there pass boats are so formed.

“Sea Roma“ not only skilled seafarers, but also skillful divers. Many of them with ease plunge on 30 - meter depth without special equipment. The only thing that is required to them at such depth - points for swimming. Usual plastic do not maintain a high pressure therefore badzhao make points of a tree or metal rings.

Main goal of getters, of course, fish and pearls. But holothurias (sea cucumbers, or trepangs) are considered as a special delicacy. However, getters do not regale on such luxury, in the Chinese market it is possible to receive 60 dollars for kilogram of trepangs - huge money for nomads.

However, badzhao are not born beautiful divers at all. Easily to transfer a high pressure, young men undergo quite painful procedure - a rupture of eardrums. Its essence is that the young diver plunges on depth, without leveling pressure. After that bleeding from a nose and ears begins. The person cannot rise to the feet some more days from - for constant dizzinesses. But then to dive it is not sick any more. It is no wonder that a man`s half of sea colonies of a tugovat on an ear.

Badzhao live what gives them the sea. But every year is caught in their net less fish. Years of uncontrollable catching have an effect. It is necessary to resort to various illegal tricks if only not to come back empty-handed. Fish is stunned self-made explosive on the basis of potassium nitrate. It is applied as fertilizer therefore is in free sale.

For catching of reef fishes, a gruper and fish - a guban, considered as a special delicacy in Celestial Empire, explosive does not approach. Buyers are ready to pay generously only for fresh goods, and therefore it is necessary to deliver fish live. Divers by means of a usual plastic bottle splash out cyanide in water, after that it is necessary only to bring together immobilized, but still live fish.

Coral reeves suffer from such fishing first of all. Underwater “riches“ grow scanty. Such rates shortly badzhao will not be able just to support themselves. Most likely, these free sea people should leave the sharp-nosed boats and to move on the land, having kept only irrepressible love to freedom and beautiful legends of sea Roma.