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Whether the calendar and calendars in our life and at work of

are Known by you that the word a calendar came from Latin calendarium what is meant by the “debt book“? As it is modern and on business sounds. However and then, probably, it sounded quite on business because each Calinda, i.e. in the first days of every month debtors whom and in Ancient Rome there was enough had to pay percent. Yes, nothing in this world, apparently, essentially changes.

As well as a lot of things in this the best of the worlds, the calendar has two values - very big and absolutely small. “Very big“ means that it is a certain numeral system of considerable periods. For example, there are solar calendars based on the frequency of the movement of the biggest celestial body of our solar system, lunar calendars reflecting features of the temporary movement of the Moon around Earth, etc. What is “absolutely small“ value easy to understand, having looked at a wall or at a desk. It is quite possible that there at you the calendar “hangs“ or “lies“. But for 2012, and not far off already and 2013! Where it is possible to order calendars in Cherepovets?! Precisely we know only one place - it is office of the Poligrafist company (Lenina, 80 - to. 2.) .

The best Gregorian - not best

However we will return to calendars. It is well known that there is a lot of various “big“ calendars. All Europeans live now on the Gregorian calendar which as they speak, has a mass of shortcomings. We know that in February according to this calendar - 28 days, in June - 30, and in October - 31. Let`s not argue on that, it is fair it or it is unfair, but one precisely that it - is inconvenient. Offensively and that in different quarters 90,91 and 92 days, and in half-year - 181, 182 and 184. Accountants go crazy, and there`s nothing to be done - to have to hand over the reporting quarterly, irrespective of the number of the days which are available in quarters. And the fact that each new year comes from new day of week, and for 3300, according to this calendar, excess days run, does not touch you?! Me so very much and very much! And not me one.

So it turns out that the project of a new calendar constantly ripens, ripens, but will not ripen in any way. Posts Aomelin, the astronomer from France in 1888 suggested to prolong year for four quarters, in each of which one month has to be “iron“ with 31 days, and two thirty. At the same time the whole days of week in this calendar have to be strictly attached to certain numbers. It is amusing that after December 30 the Frenchman suggested to leave one more day and to celebrate during it a holiday of the world and friendship of the people. It is interesting that the project of this calendar went “through the mill“, but having got for discussion to the UN already in 50 - x years of last century turned out a complete fiasco.

It we tell wall, quarter, desktop and pocket

about “small“ calendars already again. They are remarkable the fact that they always are before eyes. Therefore if on them some advertizing and, at the same time, efficient is placed, then it will “be an eyesore“ nearly the whole year to someone. Ideal option if this “someone“ treats people who make decisions.

Wall calendars in the Poligrafist company to you will print though in the form of the poster though cross over. At the same time also any size. The poster is, first of all, the colourful, having an interesting plot image evident, and also the annual calendar table. If to add here also a logo of the company, then your partners and clients, it is simple “will go crazy“ having received such gift as a souvenir from happiness.

The quarter calendar is appreciated at offices as on it the whole three months after which it is necessary to hand over the reporting are visible at once. Agree, to have such calendar before eyes, it is healthy. Moreover and it is solid: who will look, will at once tell that they “here on business treat drawing up and submission of reports“. You will not put good reputation in a pocket, but “it knows the business“ and once will play your advantage.

Desktop calendars carry out in in a cross over form or in the form of a lodge. Polozhka at a desktop calendar very strong, is made of dense paper or a cardboard. For the advertizing purposes it is the finest tool. However, everything has to be in it moderately: both font, and coloring, and design in general.

At last, pocket calendars. Being in a purse or an inside pocket of a jacket, a handbag, they perfectly serve advance of the company. Really, they can be taken anywhere and everywhere, they will not bring big discomfort, but during business meetings, the presentations, exhibitions they will make the work on “perfectly“, believe.