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Whether psychological sense of a corporate gift

Often you received gifts at work? As a rule, the corporate gift does not differ in any refinement. And it is correct as it is presented to a great number of different people, and the problem of such gift is not in “killing“ the recipient of this gift with luxury and high cost. It is more important to company to distribute as soon as possible information on itself, to provide strong recognition of firm, to create favorable emotional installation in relation to the brand, to strengthen trust to it, to engender interest, to serve as a reminder, etc. of

All these tasks and many others and have to solve plain corporate gifts: business cards, pens, calendars, flash cards etc. To such gifts of the person, not working in the organization, as a rule, belong warmly, yours faithfully, but rather quietly, perceiving it as the normal, natural phenomenon. And whether you here noticed how employees of the most this organization treat corporate gifts?

My numerous supervision, common sense and a psychological scent, say that with huge interest. And even when the person has certain disagreement with the organization, alienation from it if the organization strong, known, the having obvious achievements, everything, as for its brand, this person shows to people around with desire. Sometimes, even, with the real hussar bravado: “Wons you watch to what organization I belong: with what handbag I sport in what T-shirt and a beysbolochka!“

Repeatedly saw how the person, going to distant travel, took with himself a branded T-shirt of one organization, and then claimed: “Everywhere walked in this T-shirt and advertized …“. Other option, the close acquaintance presented (in literal sense, imposed) to my mother-in-law the corporate calendar. Nothing left (! ), it, all the same, hung up a calendar of that organization in which had honor to work for a wall. And here still a sketch from nature: the person never worked at the enterprise X, but was close familiar with many people working there participated in numerous actions of the organization. Having like its spirit, power, a motivational and emotional component, it always with pleasure come … to the work with accessories of the company X.

Than and as it is a phenomenon can explain. Only that:

A) people want to work in the strong, serious, having a positive brand organization, to belong to it;

B) they not only want to work there and to belong to it, but also want, are ready to support her;

C) therefore, coming sometimes on “a throat to own song“, being “in offices“ with the organization and, first of all, with the administration, they accept corporate gifts from the organization and never primenut to show them to people around.

It turns out that, on the one hand, even small souvenirs from the organization with its logo, the trademark, in some plan try on workers with it, and serve even more often a signal to positive reviews of the firm, the company. On the other hand, they bear psychological sense of “freebie“ by no means. Everything, well, or almost all workers sincerely consider that they give to the organization more, than receive from it. Perhaps, frequent it not so, and the assessment by personnel of the works is really exaggerated. But the gift is that manifestation of gratitude from the administration which it is psychologically necessary for all, even, to cats and dogs. I perfectly worked and I want that sweep up me. And the corporate gift serves as that element of relationship in collective which strengthens it, focuses on familiarizing with life of the organization and on cooperation in it.

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