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Literature - the textbook of life?

“All who live in Russia have an invaluable treasure which to us was left in inheritance. It is the Russian literature. Tell, please, on what basis the group of officials deprives of heir-at-laws of this inheritance?“ - about a problem of the future of literature in the school program Natalya Solzhenitsyna, the widow of the great writer of the 20th century is concerned.

It is valid, the problem such exists: a number of hours were sharply reduced by lessons of literature, besides, plan to unite Russian and the Russian literature in a uniform subject under the name “literature“.

At a meeting with the president Natalya Dmitriyevna touched upon this sensitive issue, but result of their conversation it remained is dissatisfied: “I do not know whether he heard me. He told: “You know, I should not from above just here return literature to school. Professional communities have to solve“ …“

Should think of his answer. Who if not the leader of the state, the president, is able to help us with the real problem better. And if not, then on whom we should rely? Perhaps, someone will decide that it is any not a problem at all: “It is only a school subject. About what the speech!“.

Allow not to agree nevertheless. Having cleaned examination in literature from the list of obligatory objects USE, none of officials thought of possible consequences. And they are! Many of modern school students cannot correctly and competently formulate the thoughts, they are deprived of skills of the competent speech. Where if not at literature lessons, it is possible to master this basic skill of any person formed and respecting himself?

I was strongly excited by a problem of the future of literature therefore I decided to learn opinion of other people, their new view about it. First of all, I interrogated the acquaintances, friends, schoolmates. Asked everyone two questions: “What has to be the teacher of literature (As depends on him whether the pupil will learn to understand deep literature, to express the thoughts, to set aside the point of view)?“ And “What you personally would would like to study according to the school program and what you would refuse, having such opportunity?“

Anna Repnikova, 11th class, gymnasium No. 3 : “The teacher of literature has to communicate with pupils as equals, it is not stupid to ask questions on an assessment, namely to talk, listen to the different points of view, to argue with children. Would like to study more modern literature. I almost do not know modern writers, or perhaps they in the future will become classics“.

Evgenia Plotnikova, 1 course, ALTGTU of Polzunov: “The teacher of literature, probably, has to be very carried away work, communication with children, and the most important - he has to really like to read. It would be desirable to study more domestic literature, and that we at Tolstoy know only “War and peace“, and all. We have to be able to write compositions, to tell before public of the poem, to read classics. Books form in us the personality and identity“.

It was still more interesting to learn the point of view of teachers of literature. I asked them to answer such questions: “Literature lessons at schools were reduced from five to two o`clock. How you consider whether it is possible in two hours a week to pass the necessary school program? What you in it would change? What would refuse? What is especially valuable in classical literature? Why the classics at school is studied more, than modern literature? “

Alexa Nadejda Aleksandrovna, the teacher of Russian and literature of school for visually impaired (Rubtsovsk) : “Of course, two hours are too little. And material is passed by the principle “very quickly“. What can be passed in two hours? All material - only in a fact-finding order, but it is not enough to understand sense of any work. Unless it is possible to manage to learn opinion of each of children on the read book in these hours, to teach them to something important?

Where as not at a literature lesson, the pupil will learn to express the point of view and will be able to argue with the teacher. It is necessary to add more Russian classical literature, part to the school program foreign it is possible to urat. I would shift the program of the 11th class on 10 as the modern literature studied in the 11th class is too saturated and rich with authors.

Classical literature will never teach bad, only in it the main problems of mankind reveal, it brings up the person gradually. The Russian people can be understood, having only read the Russian classical literature“.

Selivanova Tatyana Kuzminichna, teacher of Russian and literature of lyceum (TFMSh): “Literature is very important for immoral society. What would I want to change? I do not know. But there is a wish to note that with cancellation of examination in literature as obligatory degradation of morality of the person can begin. Literature - not just school subject, this organizing beginning. Classical literature is full of ideas of humanity. It lights human life, loads with positive energy and inspires him“.

In conclusion there is a wish to give Nikolay Chernyshevsky`s aphorism, the literary critic and the publicist: “Literature is a textbook of life“ which once again confirms relevance of a problem. It is worth reflecting. It would be desirable to return to literature general respect and by that to provide the worthy future not only it, but also to itself.