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Why it is impossible to lose excess weight? I Eat

to live … or I live in order that is? Really Hamlet question, and what intensity of emotions! Shakespeare can have a rest … Whether the woman who is not anxious with this problem exists? Thin to be fashionable, and for this purpose there are reasons. Excess weight does not decorate

and damages health. Well, and if the fashion interposes in the matter, women, as we know, will go to any victims. And here it is interesting - on what?

If you at least once in life tried to grow thin, then know what this labor-consuming and unreliable business. How in a mad rhythm of modern life to follow those rules of food what is offered to you by various diets and adherents of a healthy lifestyle? Your bitter experience led you to an inevitable conclusion - it is impossible! The operating schedule and house efforts do not allow you to become the regular customer of a gym. And with such work the dumped kilograms instantly come back, costs at least slightly - to relax slightly. Yes if not to relax … The organism, as well as you, gets used to everything and demands increase in loadings, and otherwise refuses to show result.

Well and what to do to us?.

We will remember old wise truth: all diseases are born in the head. About absolutely we will not approve all, but as for obesity is the fact. So not to leave to us, it is necessary to call to the aid favourite science - psychology. Without it, as well as without discipline, we anywhere.

Attentively look at yourself in a mirror. You really so need to grow thin, or you have just a depression from discrepancy of the reflection with the image of the superstar whose poster you saw on the way to hypermarket today? Be realistichny: at a star - the life, and at you - the. Perhaps, you are far from a standard, but if it in general does not prevent you to cope effectively with the functions, then, perhaps, you should not make a fuss also?

The certain lady who almost decided on a rigid diet heard from the daughter: “Mummy, do not grow thin: you are such cozy!“ Lips of the baby … Results of weight loss are unpredictable, and group of women, having gritted teeth enduring loss of former charm together with kilograms, the seeming superfluous, is not so small. Blind fidelity to fashion is punishable! Law of energy conservation: getting rid of extra kilos, prepare for emergence of excess wrinkles. Perhaps, just it is better for you not to grow stout?

You sensibly weighed all pros and cons and came to a conclusion: you need absolutely to grow thin! What to begin with? Think: what is food? A strange question, perhaps, you will tell. You do not hurry with conclusions. This vital need is also considerable pleasure, one of physical pleasures of life. And now attentively consider how many once a day you put in a mouth a piece not because are hungry, and absolutely for other reasons, somehow:

For the company.

At you bad mood, to you it is necessary to calm down after the beating received from the chief or someone else. It is just universal reason of emergence of all bad habits having aspiration to shift to others responsibility for our life in a basis. “You why drink? - The wife finished!“ With food the same!

What big portion you would not receive for lunch, all of you will equally take yourself an additive, otherwise you have a feeling of incompleteness of life.

At you a habit to chew something all the time: you consider that it positively influences results of your activity.

Should urgently eat up something, and that will be gone. the List you can continue

, and, perhaps, there will be enough drawn conclusions in order that your figure changed to the best. If is not present, then, without dumping these conclusions from the account, again we will ask ourselves a question: why you need it? To grow thin simply to grow thin - it will not turn out. You will withdraw. To grow thin in New year to get into a fashionable dress - it can turn out, but since January second you will begin to grow stout the accelerated rates. The motivation is rather weak. You for success need very serious reason justifying so resolute act. And question second: to what victims you are ready to go for the sake of achievement of the treasured purpose?

Idea to grow thin, without limiting itself in food, it is very attractive and will always find supporters. Perhaps, you will manage to realize the slogan “I Eat and I Grow Thin!“ but also the easiest of ways will demand from you patience and discipline. So we will remember: it is difficult to grow thin! Also we will not begin to be under a delusion with advertizing promises excessively. We will be adjusted for work and we will prepare worthy motivation. It is important!

Remember how many difficult affairs you already made in life and through what cruel tests you had to pass. You could! Remember examples of successful weight loss. It is possible. You have a serious reason for so important act. Perhaps, your future life depends on it. Yes, it will be difficult for you. But it was much more difficult for those who managed to leave off smoking, refused alcohol and got rid of drug addiction, than you. Borrow experience!

And most important: refuse pity to yourself. This that feeling which is capable to ruin the most good intentions on a root. Be not afraid of failures and be ready to start everything anew, without being engaged in excessive self-criticism.

If you had serious moral training, can begin to grow thin any of one million offered ways: now all in your hands! And I needed only to remind you the program of the famous filmstar: I see the purpose, I believe in myself and I wanted to spit on all obstacles! Remember, too it is useful to you.