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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on November 17 - 18? “Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 2“, etc.

in the middle of November the Russian hire will be replenished with two expected novelties at once. In - the first, it is final part of “the twilight saga“ - the second series of the movie “Twilight. Saga. Dawn“, starting in Russia along with the American premiere. In - the second, first for the last 12 years (passed from the moment of an exit of “Derelict“ so much) the feature feature film of the director Robert Zemeckis which in our hire christened “Crew“.

Among other debutants - the Russian tape “Stories“, the comedy “Sexual Chronicles of the French Family“, the documentary project of the South Korean Kim Ki Duca “Ariran“ and the domestic animation screen version of “Adventures of the gallant soldier Shveyk“.

1. “Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 2“ (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, 2012)

the Holiday is planned by

in both camps. Both admirers, and opponents of twilight film series can relax, at last: on the way a finale in Bella and Edward`s relations. Until Stephanie Myers does not decide to continue the doubtful literary best-seller and will not plane still a two-three of volumes in the same style.

Commercially justified, but not graceful and not so new course (Tarantino taught to take Hollywood all sum parts) when the final of the franchize is divided into two movies, will allow authors to shear from audience, at least, twice more money. At the same time creators in many respects “lowered“ the first series to concentrate all power in the second. As a result part of admirers of the saga were extremely disappointed with the last year`s beginning of “Dawn“. As they say, that it was good, it is necessary to make badly, and then to return as was.

The final cost creators 75 mln. dollars that is a record within the franchize. Undoubtedly, the epic ending will pay off at least because at the literary original of Myers and the screen version - big army of fans. Recognizable characters, popular romantic schemes, which - what improvements in the visual plan. All this does last “Dawn“ to the most worthy among all series of the saga. Another thing is that in general the tasteless youth drama loses to both the book, and other pictures in a fantasy genre in many parameters, beginning from actor`s game and finishing with production scope. And if the young wizard Harry Potter from the movie to the movie gathered in charodeysky power and grew that is called at the viewer in the eyes, then sad persons Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, alas, do not change throughout all “the twilight saga“. Let`s hope that these not untalented actors will manage to escape from an annoying template.

2. “Crew“ (Flight, 2012)

to Robert Zemeckis, apparently, bored

to remove Christmas stories, and the director who once presented us the cult tapes “Back in the Future“ and “Who Set Up Roger`s Rabbit“ returned to cinema art. From experiments with animation graphics and three-dimensional technologies one of film child prodigies of Hollywood came back to a drama genre thanks to which got respect of an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (“Forest Gump“) in due time. This time not the favourite of the director Tom Hanks, but other, not less talented and charismatic actor - Denzel Washington became the conducting performer in his movie.

The tape localized in Russia under the heading “Crew“ familiar to the domestic viewer has also a direct bearing on flight business. The second time in a row after “Derelict“ Zemeckis arranges plane crash, only with more humane outcome. The main character - the pilot, the leading way of life immoral and absolutely unseemly to the profession. Uip Whitaker prefers to dilute working everyday life with alcohol, stewardesses and drugs. He is not strongly disturbed by responsibility for the lives of passengers entrusted to it because Uip is confident in the forces. Alas, the next flight became for the pilot a severe acid test. It passed test, but not without loss, and now he should rethink the life and to give itself answers to inconvenient questions.

3. “Stories“ (2012)

the Second feature film of Mikhail Segal that is called beats with

the cap fits. Four short stories which are elegantly weaved in a uniform art cloth it is dug again modern spiritless reality where stories are necessary to nobody. Integral work which, strangely enough, Segal`s work and is is required.

The tape was not honored and ignored on “Kinotavr“, but pleased with smaller prizes and awards in Blagoveshchensk and St. Petersburg. The semi-fantastic, semi-lyrical story with an adult rating did without excess pathos and reading morals. Her heroes are the most ordinary people which can be mistaken and at the same time to study nothing. In the movie only equally: love and sex, drama and humour, hope and hopelessness. It to us the world around where we do not manage to think of meaning of life and if we reflect, then too late seems. “Stories“, as well as follows and names is not basic research of human soul, and the short, but inquisitive glance darted at details. But, as we know, all also consists of trifles.

4. “Sexual chronicles of the French family“ (Chroniques sexuelles d’une famille d’aujourd’hui, 2012)

Generally, as envisioned by authors, the speech in the name goes about a modern family in principle, but our film distributors put emphasis on the French nation. Like, what to the Frenchman it is good, Russian not to understand. Europe always differed from us in more courageous experiments in sex, and the French who presented to the world of “Emmanuelle“ precisely know from what party to approach a question.

However, from easy and romantic eroticism of classics in a tape of the French tandem of directors Barre and Arnold there is no trace left also. Their opus narrates about the most usual Swedish family where everyone has a sex, and at the younger son - the school student, oh, damn, is not present. This problem gnaws the teenager to such an extent that for lack of own adventures, he begins to be interested in others adventures. And also it is involved in amusing game which does not seem that to his parents at all.

To admit honestly, nothing essentially we learn new from a tape. An original way of installation and edginess of the events on the screen - only an occasion to doubt correctness of the lifted subject. On the other hand, on - sanctimonious to hold back that this problem concerns all of us authors could not too. Here also it turned out that sex prevails over everything and he explains a lot of things.

And on it all about film premieres of a wide release. In limited number of cinema halls the viewer will be able to find the winner in the category “Special Look“ of the Cannes Film Festival - documentary - the autobiographical tape “Ariran“ the famous Korean master Kim Ki Duca. About himself, about life, about eternal and rapid, Kim Ki Duk acts on the project in the status of the person - an orchestra (the director, the screenwriter, the operator, the film editor, the artist and the sponsor). The movie about loneliness bewitches a company manner of the Asian capable to squeeze out a maximum of any material.

Not for children also the new animation project of domestic animators - the full-length screen version of a masterpiece of the Czech literature of “Adventure of the gallant soldier Shveyk“ will be shown . The sounded Kutsenko and Stoyanov (Shveyk) the animated film professes traditional animation and, alas, simplifies the literary original to impossibility. What will hardly please true fans of remarkable work of Yaroslav Gashek. However, the last will hardly violently search for the movie on movie theaters, it is simpler to them to re-read the book.