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How from dream to pass to its embodiment?

Dream. What is it? For one - an empty phrase, for another - a window to the marvelous world where it can not think of vanity of gray daily occurrence. But being incorporeal what the dream can bring tangible result to the person? And where that side behind which from desire it is necessary to pass to action? Let`s reflect on it.

can Dream and it is even necessary. Without aspiration to the highest our life can turn into sad, colourless existence. All actions will become mechanical, as at the robots aimed only at receiving result. The world of full functionality where each action has to bring financially significant result.

The dream is a ray of the sun in a dark kingdom of vanity, it gives hope, fills with inspiration, lights for a fulfillment great... But on this “ignition“ at many all also stops. Further imagined we do not go. Why? The reasons can be a little.


of Types of fear exists great variety, as well as the reasons for it. As for our question, it or fear of failure - conceived so “abruptly“ for me that I simply will not have forces and/or brains to embody it, or fear to be misunderstood people around - my so ridiculous dream that will laugh over me.

In the first case it is necessary to believe in himself, it is as if banal did not sound and to begin to work. I against any trainings where you are “pumped up“ words of type - you are all you can, your everything will turn out etc. It is lie, everything it will not turn out, and here if purposefully to give to any concrete business time and resources, then the probability to reap a good fruit is high.

And in the second case and there is nothing to speak - why to try to impress people for whom at least your destiny is indifferent. Do not pay attention to such. The exception is a healthy criticism from outside of of experts in the sphere where you decided to develop, well or just close people to whom you are not indifferent.

the Fruit has to ripen

U of whom there is giving or a kitchen garden, that knows - to reap a good harvest, it is necessary to work properly. It is important to look after plants: to water, weed, hill, etc. But it is not enough. “And what else is necessary?“ - you ask. I will answer: “To wait“. In order that the harvest ripened, it needs time.

The same principle is right also for affairs human. It is impossible to leave institute and at once to become the first-class expert in the area. It is necessary to work, accumulate experience, sometimes to be mistaken. Your professional skills have to “ripen“, made they become eventually.

Many begin to do favorite thing and throw because they do not see result. They try time, two also recede. Achievement of dream is similar to digging of a well. During quite long time you rummage in the dirty, crude earth, you closely and there is not enough light. But there comes the instant when from black soil water begins to appear. For now this moment did not come, it is necessary to have patience and to work.

Postponement on “tomorrow“

Many people have this “illness“ - without good reason to put off affairs. It is important to know what zavtrabudt in the same way not to be wanted to do this or that work, and at you will definitely not appear some “over - abilities“ for successful performance of this work.

If you planned some business, for this purpose there are time and resources, then collect will in a fist and do that was planned.

The proverb “Is good do not put off what can be made today“. The work made in time will bring satisfaction and joy, and it is not necessary to reap disappointment from the next missed “breakfast“.

At way

to Do

favorite thing - healthy need of the person. When is present at our life “has to“ too much, the pleasure of life is lost. The most part of our resources leaves to fill requirements from the lowest steps of a pyramid of Maslou, and remains too little on spiritual which is its top.

The person needs to have favourite business, to follow dream. I do not urge to throw at once everything and to begin to do only that there is a wish. The speech not about it. But I am convinced that to give at least a part of time and forces to business which to liking, can everyone.

Remember what you dreamed in the childhood of or, maybe, you dream still. Get the dream, dust with it times and try to begin to embody, on slightly - slightly, a short step behind a short step. Stop to be afraid, leave laziness, allocate time and go to a way. Who knows where it will bring you. Perhaps later time your dream will increase in something great that is not enough for the world, and you will become one of those people - flashes which made history of the time. All great and grandiose began once with such small - someone`s dream. Try also you... Well or live as the majority in this colourless world though “live“ - it is not about them...