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Great Britain: traditions or modern technologies?

Stuffed with images of red buses, phone booths, kings and queens, I went to learn - that it actually Great Britain. Also I learn still, living in this surprising, but nevertheless to the country, a little unclear for me... Great Britain begins

C of what? Of course, from the capital of all capitals - London. There is everything, and it is even more. As if the scrappy blanket weaved from one thousand persons. But most of all struck how here incongruous is combined.

Tower Bridge was the first symbol of London which I saw. As if descended from a card, it majestically towers over the Thames. Slightly the well-known Tower of London - the oldest building which will always return us in the bloody past of England is at some distance located.

But here I noticed one such thing - the past begins to be greased a little when you look at the opposite side of the Thames where offices of the prestigious companies in modernist style are located. Skyscrapers in which hundreds of “white collars“ work tower not less majestically, than the Tower of London. Here so history and modern life intertwine among themselves.

The same as it occurs also in everyday life of British.

British are the nation which wins first place by amount of the traditions and extremely is proud of the fact that it is an ancestor of soccer, tennis, well-known five-hour tea drinking, pubs, police in kettles, competitions on rowing and much - many other. British preserve the traditions as if a crystal vase. Invariable “thanks a lot“ and “sorry, please“ it is possible to hear continually. And still here nobody will breathe to you in a back in turn in shopping center (for this purpose there are even special plates where it is necessary to stand not to disturb the person ahead), to run in front of your chamber at the moment when you want to make the next picture of Big Ben, or to speak loudly by phone in public transport. Or rather, of course, will be … but not British. They as if oppose themselves to all nations in the world and parry the jokes about Americans, Russians and Germans.

Also the houses of British stuffed with various equipment which will become available to our middle class, maybe, so years through five surprise, but at the same time British do not use mixers for cold and hot water. It is, probably, too tradition.

Being in London, I saw thousands of perplexed faces of our compatriots in the confused London subway where tens of lines intertwine and where everything works on system “press the button, a door and will open“. And on questions why the cost of the ticket for the same train to London every day different and how to understand constantly changing fare in the subway, British only shrug shoulders - a pier, to you, the visitor not to understand.

But, probably, in it there is also a charm of Great Britain - to differ from all other countries, attracting annually millions of tourists. Anyway, Britain for everyone - the, but permanently interesting and amazing.