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the Next world, UFO, clinical and biological death, secrets which haunted mankind all times. Many scientific minds tried to solve these riddles but so far not who did not manage it. Presently some inquisitive minds could approach a solution of some secrets, but what concrete could not tell whether there is a next world and UFO. For example one German scientist, proved that at radiation of live matter from it a certain substance which as he assumed separates and there is a soul. But that it for substance he could not give the answer. As for UFO, many eyewitnesses saw unknown objects, fixed them on a photo pictures, filmed them with the video camera. But not who could not offer a distinct explanation for what they saw. Documentary the movie, about UFO and a next world, help to understand and approach truth. But all set exists a set of proofs of existence of UFO. The most important proof is that the huge number of witnesses who saw UFO. A set of signs that calendars and knowledge of solar system our ancestors gained pyramids from newcomers. Because our ancestors could not get independently that knowledge which they possessed. Also existence of newcomers is demonstrated by the huge figures of orthograde creations which are laid out from a stone in regimentals similar to space suits. Even it is possible to find a mention of newcomers in the bible. There it is clearly described that Saints and angels arrived on huge iron, creating the strong deafening sound from which animals ran up. The description very much resembles our modern space rockets. Signs on fields that they it is conceived that wants to tell us alien reason these messages. One uchena tried to decipher them. And what he received? In one of signs left in the field the musical melody was ciphered. There is a great number of sceptics who claim that signs on fields it not creation of alien reason, and just someone`s joke. The group of people undertook to check it. They decided to create similar signs. They managed to recreate similar signs, but not with such accuracy with which former were created. It is impossible to exclude that among sets of signs on fields there are those which are created by the person, but the main quantity was created by aliens.
Clinical death in which this state the person is on the verge of life and death. Its argon and a brain are dead. The people who transferred clinical death tell that they saw the dead of relatives, traveled around a next world. To them it was so good and serene there that they did not want to come back, but for any of several reasons they were returned back by the highest forces. This experience call posthumous. Scientists claim that no, not what next world does not exist, and when the person transfers clinical death to the moment, the brain has a shortage of oxygen, in this regard our eye sees only what is before, lateral sight is absent and these can explain that people see a tunnel at the end of which they are called by bright light. But how then to explain that the people who transferred clinical death communicated with the dead close described what happened in chamber during that as fought for his life.
the Condition of clinical death, is very similar to an exit in an astral. Except that people who leave in an astral do not risk life, on extremely it is the least safe way to contact a next world. There can be in an astral any person who had training.