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The loser does by the loser of the loser. You Know

, I not really trust in the movie “Secret“. Just think about good and it will come to your life. Nonsense. Tell Solzhenitsyn or Shalamov about it. Khodorkovsky will be glad to listen to this lecture too. There now, such I. Perhaps because I am not a housewife with dreams of the free blender or not the pimply good fellow, the person interested that to it broke off new BMW. In order that good happened, it is insufficiently simple to trust, also something good to do for this purpose is important. And to cease to read and watch any nonsense.

I was never registered as the favourite at this life. For everything that I had and I have to me it is necessary to pay determined price. The Universe - the old cunning dealer, hanged out on all the price tags long ago. Even if today it gives something to you in the advance payment, tomorrow she will surely ask for it. The bargaining for good goods with it is possible only under one condition - you will be about it as about the good seller, positively to respond. And you really should consider so. She for couple of billions years learned to distinguish lie and slyness far better, than your mother in situations when you did not want to go to school. That is, if really I am not glad that you surrounds in this bench - good do not wait. At best, you will be content with stuff from - under a counter. I found confirmation of this dogma in higher education institution, reading now and then the old man Kant: “as we think of that, so we also see, and we feel“. Our brain by means of thoughts forms our emotions and our perception. Our perception forms our life. Actually, your thoughts, your feelings and your vision are only your choice. Yours. Nobody can offend you if you do not choose to take offense. Nobody can offend you if you are not offended. Nobody will be able to break you if you do not allow yourself a permission to break. You are the author of the play of the life. You choose in what mood to you to be. Question only consciously or unconsciously. Your mind will easily create melancholy and a depression, instead of rest and pleasure.

I was lucky, the Universe allowed me to get strength of the person changing thinking of other people without having forgotten to force, of course, me to pay for this ability properly. Here for me really the sense of the words “on your belief yes it will be rendered to you“ also opened. The people believing that the world around constantly tries to enter the intercourse with their honor, tranquility, property and personal space steadily receive it, and in the most hypertrophied and perverted forms. Those who, divides the world into wolves and sheep, sooner or later itself meets wolves on a narrow footpath. there is no
, I do not say that this world consists of several baskets of lilies of the valley and a small bottle of perfume. Storms, thunder-storms, a tsunami and marches of gays pass here quite often. The last, and it is frequent, dress colors of political and social movements, and also, in some way manage to get a form of defenders of a law and order. There are villains.
B it the world, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that march of the last happens on your street. And to steam of people will be disconnected from the general seyshen and will decide to visit you at daybreak. The tradition of such visits is conducted about solar 37 years … by

Salt of this article not in analysis of historical events. Nobody prevents you to be strong and to think positively. You remember one cheeful Yugoslavian fighter who said that if shot at you - it is good because if got to you, you or in the sky where as it is known well is to the honest person, or you, having become stronger, battle for honor, truth and the truth again, let even having lain down in hospital a little.

About two thousand years ago, one wise man gave to people simple advice: “Change updating of your mind“. I do not know whether Jesus the greatest guru of personal growth in the world was, but he gave advice excellent. Often, beginning to work with the person, the first that I do together with him - I reconstruct an image of his thinking. Mental garbage, negativism, cynicism, fears and frustrations - freights which any frigate is pulled on a bottom.

You want to live well - learn to think correctly