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Given rise to creep learns to fly. What for?

For one of this world it is filled with pleasure, the nature generously presented them with rare gift to operate time, ability to expand borders possible and impossible. They light on the feet, reach for new and attract new, lives are capable to bring joy to the relatives.

For them there are no solved problems therefore are able to be reconciled easily with troubles, are capable to endure any trouble, soberly assess a situation and look in the face to destiny, at the same time very seldom lose composure. Good luck knocks at the doors of such people, on shoulders success asterisks sparkle, and the wings capable to lift them flaunt behind the back it is high - highly over reality and to carry away in unknown distances.

Other people live in the same world, in same it is a high time, only perfect other life which is a little offended, defective and restrained. They often grumble on the destiny, preferring “to be cried on shoulder“ and to shift the problems to others, deceive themselves and believe that they are not capable to enjoy life because their pleasure is so small that it is not enough even to warm own heart. They constantly need sympathy, feel sorry for themselves, are not able to be self-controlled, being not able to cope with a negative, often become reserved, are afraid of any changes and lead the silent grounded existence.

Why does that happen?

Children do not choose where to be born it in what country and what family, as well as do not choose “habitat“ which forms beliefs and living position, defining the purposes and reference points. For them it is done by parents. Long before birth parents program the children on a certain lifestyle, the image and similarity, improving conditions over time, tightening resources and removing opportunities.

Not a secret that we are externally very similar to the parents, and almost all merits and demerits are specularly reflected in us. At the genetic level ability of copying of behavior, perception of world around, beliefs and delusions of parents, i.e. practically repetition of destiny is put.

Since the childhood parents together with leaving, care, education put a prototype of an adult being in the child, define and solve for it whom it will be what it will become what will be his life.

The majority of us does not choose to itself a profession independently, is attached for work on acquaintance of relatives, gets married only with the consent of parents and even raises the children, blindly being guided by opinion of the senior generation.

And so wings are also killed...

Well you are not able to fly, did not teach and did not learn itself, and it is not necessary, it is possible just to live with wings behind the back. You will fly by plane.

Here the people not capable to take the responsibility for the life even if they are highly educated also grow up from such children, they are not ready to refuse guardianship and guardianship, are not ready to open for themselves other doors from which there are no keys in a pocket of parents.

Whether they are capable to create independently the destiny? Big question … In total - the growing is such piece when understanding that there is a wish appears, together with self-confidence and determination to achieve these objectives.

In our society it is considered to be somehow incorrectly that good luck and success - not a personal merit of the lucky, but a casual prize in a lottery. Only for some reason good luck does not fall down just like that to all, and comes according to the schedule to those who count where and in what time it is necessary to be. The success comes not to everyone too, pleasing only those who are able to earn it honestly.

Perhaps, it is worth refusing the wrong treatment of a question and for a start to write to the reflection in a mirror: “Do not abuse yourself! At you everything will turn out!“?

Each of us is given chance to choose and everyone is given a freedom of choice …