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About what hand bells ring?

Lovely and unpretentious creatures of the Nature - hand bells - appeared on Earth long before the person. And about six millennia ago people made the first man-made hand bells. Both those, and others ring, filling with music our hearts and confiding us the surprising secrets.

I about what you ring
In day cheerful May,-headed swinging
Among a nekosheny grass

(A. K. Tolstoy) of

Meeting any blossoming plants, we usually first of all smell their flowers. And here looking at the fluctuating cups of hand bells, involuntarily you listen, hoping to catch their sounding.

A few years ago Carpathian hand bells - gentle, low, with widely opened nimbuses lodged in my garden, they easily responded to the slightest whiff of wind and for a long time attracted to themselves attention.

And once they told me secret of the birth...

The spirit of the Subsoil after day of work liked to walk on terrestrial fields and the woods, enjoying an unprecedented variety of flora. In one of such walks he met the fairy Tsvetov - the daughter of the Wood spirit.

The spirit started talking to it and when the fairy answered, in the wood as if the magic melody began to sound. A subsoil it was subdued, but the young beauty of its feelings did not divide. Then the owner of underground riches decided to win her sympathy by means of the wonderful stones. It presented the beloved with excellent emeralds, sapphires, topazes, rubies; brought it grapes clusters from solar amber, fruits of a garnet tree with kernels from semi-precious stones.

But the fairy lovely smiled and spoke:

- Your stones are fine, but there is no life in them - they are silent.

After these words of the Subsoil long did not appear in the wood - he prepared a gift. When its new creation was complete, he invited the daughter of the Wood spirit in the underground kingdom. Having gone down under the earth, the Subsoil brought darling into the magnificent hall in which on an eminence, in a carved crystal vase the bouquet of unknown flowers flaunted.

Stalks and leaves of plants were made of the most beautiful emerald, and flowers from amethyst, sapphires, aquamarines and topazes. The form of flowers was unusual: five accrete petals formed bowls in which stamens gently gleamed.

The fairy admired flowers - on Earth such did not grow. A subsoil gave a sign to the friend - spirit of Winds. And here flowers started from a touch of the wakened air, and stamens smoothly downloaded in a step to Wind whiffs, slightly striking petals, making at the same time fantastic sounds.

And Wind continued the bewitching movements: that slowly and smoothly, suddenly flying up up, promptly falling, carrying out at the same time intricate pirouettes.

In a concert hall the Subsoil the divine symphony began to sound. The fairy whispered:

- They are live.

Long still mysterious music of hand bells as called their Wind sounded in the underground hall. The fairy Tsvetov so liked hand bells from semi-precious stones that she installed in them soul, inhaled life and settled on all planet. the Sort of hand bells belongs to

to family of hand bells. The scientific name of family comes from the Latin word campana that means a bell. This family contains more than 80 childbirth. The sort of hand bells unites about 350 species of plants.

Hand bells differ from each other in a leaf form that is often designated in the name: persikolistny, broad-leaved, lnolistny, round-leaved, chesnochnitselistny and others. Also they differ with the size and coloring of flowers. Flowers consist of five accrete chashelistik which coloring happens various shades blue, violet, pink and white.

At all types of hand bells a fruit - the box, and from veins of leaves, stalks and roots is allocated white juice, so-called “milk“.

Hand bells - inhabitants of the northern hemisphere. All of them are rather unpretentious to influence of diseases and wreckers. These ringing flowers grow everywhere: on a light meadow, in a gloomy oak grove and among desert open spaces. Some types, such as a hand bell Carpathian, tryokhzuby, get on big height in mountains and grow in crevices of naked rocks.

Hand bells are long since loved in Russia. In their people call by such names: chatterboxes, calls, zvonets, tambourines, orlik, call.

More than three centuries grow up the hand bell average having white, blue and pink coloring of flowers in gardens. Now the set of garden forms of this lovely flower including terry hand bells is removed. They are used in registration a rabatok, borders; tall - perfectly look on a background of miksborder; undersized - are ideally suited for slopes and the Alpine hills, they can also be grown up in containers and flowerpots.

Hand bells do not love stagnation of moisture therefore they should be settled on well trained sites.

Make multiple copies these plants seeds, division of a bush, pieces of rhizomes, root offsprings. Methods of reproduction depend on biological features of a look.

Slightly the jingle differs from a hand bell (a sort jingles of family of kolokolchikovy). It meets in steppes, on meadows and glades of the light woods. Its inclined blue flowers swing heads even at a small wind and, apparently, slightly - slightly call. At a jingle the pestle column far is given from a nimbus - it differs in it from the brother.

Often confuse to hand bells flowers of unprecedented blue - of a gentian which belong to family of gorechavkovy.

Some types of hand bells have medicinal value. The hand bell dense (or assembly), the national name - a stitched grass is distinguished from them (inflow means an illness, an illness). In traditional medicine it is used as styptic, anti-inflammatory, calming and an anesthetic.

Water infusion of this plant rinse an oral cavity and a throat at various inflammations, and in broth bathed patients with epilepsy and restless children for a long time.

At some plants of family kolokolchikovy the root resembles roots of the well-known ginseng superficially. Often unfair dealers give roots of a hand bell of a ginseng, blue and broad-leaved for roots.

And here the hand bell persikolistny was long since used at cough at sheep. Its roots in some districts are put in salads.

However, the hand bell Rapunzel is suitable for the food purposes more. Its thick white root tastes like a parsnip. In the European countries leaves and Rapunzel`s roots are eaten as usual salad. In the 17th century this hand bell was considered as a delicious vegetable.

On the Celtic flower horoscope, a hand bell - a flower of the people who were born on June 1 - 11. Consider that people - hand bells all life keep small secrets. They do not like to reveal before others any and all secrets, they are accompanied by success almost in all fields of activity. People - hand bells are able to find pleasant society and good acquaintances, love disputes and often come out in them winners.

In gardens hand bells like to be in society of pleasant and beautiful plants too. They prefer to grow near ferns, klopogony, a geranium krovavo - red, peonies, phloxes, a delphinium and other flowers.