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What to do if the voice is strained?

Practically the problem of periodic troubles with the voice device is characteristic of all people whose work is connected with speaking (and professions, anyway not related, it is not enough). Stresses, bad weather, cold, hard words, an overstrain and/or any disease can be the cause.

I want to share the experience in restoration of a voice, all my recommendations are checked in practice, demand a lot of time, but work.

To whom it is actual? To teachers, singers, actors, managers, consultants, telecom operators... The list can be continued indefinitely.

Characteristic signs of malfunctions with sheaves - feeling of “lump“ in a throat, irritation which should be “skashlivat“ then the voice sounds as usual, unexpected failures at informal conversation, fast fatigue of a voice. I will not go into details when there that is closed and is not closed and from where undertakes hordit, just I make the general recommendations.

1. At once I relieve any responsibility from myself - the competent treatment suitable for 100 percent can appoint only foniatr. So if problems with a throat have an effect often, and the voice is necessary in (a vocal, teaching, any work meaning communication with clients), then to this doctor it is necessary to descend. Surely.

2. The strained and overloaded voice first of all is treated by silence. The first that to you will be prescribed by the doctor - the voice mode. Not to sing, not to shout, not to whisper (at whisper load of sheaves same as at shout, and even it is more), and it is desirable and not to talk at all.

3. The most banal diet connected with work of sheaves - to exclude hot and ice, peppered and strongly salty, a citrus, grapes, honey, nuts, sunflower seeds, alcohol.

4. Dry heat on a throat even if warmly on the street - it is desirable a prickly natural woolen scarf.

5. Operation of the voice device is directly connected with breath. Respiratory gymnastics of Strelnikova at least for 3 - 4 weeks - ideal option. Plus needs to be bought a harmonica and to be engaged 3 - 6 times a day literally on a minute - to blow in it on a breath and an exhalation, without coming off, trying that the sound was equal, was not interrupted, did not twitch. To do a breath and an exhalation to a limit. To begin with 20 seconds - to increase till 1 minute. During performance of this exercise there can be dizziness.

6. Strangely enough, but during treatment it is better not to listen to music where vocalists yell. Folk music, all hard rock etc. On the contrary - listening of songs with the correct, put vocal well influences sheaves (I am not itself thought up - it is opinion of a foniatr, fonoped and my vocal teacher).

7. Fonopediya. It is desirable, of course, that appointed exercises directly fonoped. But which - what general recommendations I can make. But! Are engaged in Fonopediya when the voice already begins to be restored, but not at the first stage of treatment! That is - at first we are silent and we breathe, and already then we begin voice charging! Are not engaged in Fonopediya with cold, quinsy, pharyngitis etc. Even if the throat hurts “slightly - slightly“ - we are silent!

These exercises are done 4 - 10 times a day depending on a condition of the voice device. Yes, it is quite tiresome and difficult, but quite so it is really possible to restore sheaves .

Breathing exercises with voice:
and) a breath a nose - an exhalation a nose, on an exhalation we delay And - And (respectively, the closed mouth) - 5 - 6 times;
) a breath a nose - an exhalation a mouth, on an exhalation we pull And - And - 5 - 6 times;
in)-//- With - With - With;
in)-//- Sh-Sh - Sh;
in)-//- F-F - F;
in)-//- the o-o-o.

Holding a hand on a breast, we pull “and - ah, about - oh, at - ooh, e - eh, m - m - m“ - feeling in a palm vibration (surely).

Sitting, on an exhalation:
of m - ma - am - m
of m - mo - ohm - m
of m - mu - mind - m
of m - me - em - m

Sitting, on an exhalation:
of m - mothers - m
of m - megohm - m
of m - mum - m
of m - mem - m

Sitting, to pull on an exhalation: at - at - lyu.
At first once, then 2 times of LYu, then 3 and so to 10. The voice has to be pure, without rattle. In a week of exercises - to do it with turn of the head aside on each syllable. (Exercise sounds terribly, I speak at once).

Sitting, and then standing:
May - to ya my
- yy
muy - yum Mai`s
- yem

Sitting, then standing:
Mang - a cash - l - Lang - to us - m
of Maun - Nol - l - bosoms - number - the m
mun - nulnut - l - the moon - num - m
Man - nel - l - Lan - nem - m
In all exercises (except on “ulyu - lyu“) emphasis is placed on sonorny sounds, we pull m - m, N - N, l - l.

8. Occupations by a vocal with the good teacher who will not force to sing in an inconvenient tonality, to break and overload a voice. By and large the correct descants are the same fonopediya strengthening sheaves. But word “ correct “ main here. If warming up, to yell - you will return to what was. To rattles, failures, reduction of range, unnatural sounding of a timbre and other delights.

That`s all that I wanted to tell about it. Protect your voices!