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Up in the Air. How the mankind learned to fly?

on November 21, 1783 - go years the flight of the person first in the history in the balloon took place

of People always was obsessed with the sky. Which of us did not fly in a dream, plowing heavenly open spaces? And who did not dream to visit Gagarin`s place, well at least in the childhood?

Tells to a bird a set of the existing legends about dream of the person to be similar. In each country you will be told well at least one such.

In China of veins courageous and, it is necessary to tell, the resourceful emperor Shun. To escape from the fire, it, having rolled in in feathers, jumped from a roof and departed. You do not trust? Then you will suit other option of history. Shun, holding two big straw hats in hand, jumped off from a roof and softly landed. Hats, apparently, replaced to the emperor a parachute.

“And, well that is another matter“, - we will already not so mistrustfully tell. “Who knows these Chinese. If with hats, then for them it could not be done“. But nevertheless it is better not to repeat this “feat“ after Shun.

Remember a sad legend of Dedala and his disobedient son Icarus. Dedal found a way to run away from captivity. Having made wings, it and his son departed. But, Icarus, without listening to the father, approached too close the sun. His wings burned down, and he fell in the sea and died. But this failure with Icarus did not affect determination of people to compete with birds.

As the person achieved dream

in the 3rd century AD unruly Chinese started kites, showing still superficial understanding of the principles of aerodynamics.

In the 15th century the doctor from Venice Giovanny de Fontana threatened on space. He created the first models of rockets. And though these rockets were from paper and a tree, Giovanni managed to start them by means of gunpowder. However, it is low. This legendary handyman possesses words which encouraged all mankind of that time. “I for a second do not doubt that the person by means of the wings which are artificially set in motion will rise everything - in the sky. Also will be able to overcome long distances, to cross the seas and to climb up high towers“.

Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century picked up relay of the colleague. He made sketches of the first helicopters, parachutes and a glider at which the ends of wings moved. However their time did not come yet, and these sketches remained only on paper.

But in the history there were enough also practicians. We were reached by the information about first “test pilots“. These heroes adhered to a position “less words, more action“. Therefore, without thinking twice, they fastened on themselves wings and, intensively waving a hand, flew from roofs of houses, hills and towers. Unfortunately, contrary to their expectations, flew not up, and down. It is only possible to be surprised to their courageous determination what it costed them, to achieve the dream.

“Well, departed“!

the First success was achieved by

in 1783. All France was excited by news about Mongolfye`s brothers. They the first understood that if in paper balloons to start hot air, then they will better fly up. Having adopted this opening, Mongolfye fast built the first big balloon. Kindled a huge fire to fill a sphere with a smoke.

And - hurrah! the Sphere flew up on height of 1800 meters. Present how brothers, and with them and all France rejoiced, the way to the sky was open! Since that moment progress jerked forward.

In November of the same year two persons made the first flight in the balloon. One more Frenchman Jacques Charles started the sphere. But filled it not with a smoke, and hydrogen, or “hot air“.

1784. The balloon subdued height of 3400 meters.

There passed only a year. And the daredevil Jean Pierre Blanchar flew over La - Mansh as the mail carrier. It for the first time in the history transported air mail.

1862. The balloon subdued height of 8 kilometers, and Europe was crossed. Also air tourism across America was organized.

The 19th century surprised mankind with airships. Well, and in the 20th century words of the doctor from Venice Giovanny de Fontana were really carried out. The sky, and even space became much closer to the person.

Forward, behind new dreams!