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How successfully to have the blog?

What they, rules of blogging? How to become the successful blogger? How to work effectively? In what a secret of popularity of the blog?

it is interesting to i to have the blog Today not only, but also it is actual. The profession of the blogger is not learned at one university. However any kind of activity demands certain rules, be you the driver, the doctor or the financier. Blogging - not an exception, for this occupation a certain knowledge, skills, experience are necessary.

Adhering to certain principles of blogging, you not only will relieve yourself of gross mistakes which are made by beginners, but also will succeed in a rating.

Blogging includes a copywriting, the CEO - optimization and marketing. Let`s consider in more detail rules of each section.

of the Rule of a copywriting:

1. Write competently, small paragraphs.
2. Write for people - your blog has to be interesting.
3. Never use obscene language.
4. Do not forget about brevity and simplicity.
5. Accurately express the thoughts.
6. Use creative approach.
7. Use the words calling for action.
8. Do not put an end at the end of heading.
9. Allocate headings and subtitles.
10. Write logical conclusions.

The basic rules of a copywriting can be expanded and altered under your level of writing articles.

of the Rule of the CEO - optimization:

11. Be registered in search engines and catalogs.
12. Use only unique content.
13. Adhere to one certain subject.
14. Actively conduct subscription base.
15. Respond to comments.
16. Use social pages, video hostings for advance.
17. Add to articles of a photo and video.
18. Do not abuse references for promotion.
19. Mark keywords.

Pay attention to internal and external optimization on which search issue of pages of the blog depends.

of the Rule of marketing:

20. Never get to work in bad mood.
21. A drop hollows out a stone. Daily carry out a certain volume of work.
22. Be a professional, you strive for perfection.
23. You are not lazy, laziness deprives of an opportunity to achieve success.
24. A human body - not the car, do not forget to have a rest.
25. You are on friendly terms with other bloggers, exchange experience.
26. Broaden horizons and deepen subject of the blog.
27. The subject of the blog has to be pleasant to you.
28. Involve experts if there are difficulties.

In the course of work you will develop the strategy of success. Owning financial resources, it is possible to involve programmers, copywriters, optimizers to creation and blogging.

The desirable result depends only on you, performers are only «builders“ the Internet - a resource. Rules of blogging are important, but you should not forget about other, not less important spheres. Many beginning bloggers work only for the sake of potential earnings, forgetting about quality of work. Experience of creation low-quality the Internet - resources will not bring desirable result. Develop the projects useful and interesting to people.

Successful labor everyday life in blogging!