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What to feed “herbivorous“ with? We derive pleasure from a diet of

I Decided to join army taken seat on a diet recently. One girlfriend supplied me with “rigid, but just miracle“ a diet. Painted on days, hours, minutes as as is. Also I went to compensatory holidays, dreaming of connecting useful to useful - both to grow thin and to deal with the started household.

I kept to a diet (and at the same time on holiday) couple of days. And it is valid, remade all urgent matters. But also, grew thin for four hundred grams. However, cutting to pieces vegetables in infinite salads, I rubbed a callosity on a finger. And more often began to find herself near the refrigerator in thoughts still to eat to grow thin.

And then, having spat all rules of decency, I without any invitation knocked at a door of my talkative sosedushka with one purpose - to chat and distract from thoughts of a diet.

- Oh, expensive, it you! - met me, smiling, the neigbour. - And I thought, these are my herbivorous rode.

- What such herbivorous? - I asked.

- Yes you enter, - the neigbour invited, - now I will tell everything.

Also told me that recently the granddaughter called it. Reported that in several days they gather with mother for shopping. Therefore, will call on also it. “Only you, the granny, prepare nothing, - she finished conversation. - We with mother went on a diet and your wrong food is we will not be.

The word “wrong“ was told, of course, on teenage silliness here. But this word offended my neigbour.

- No, you think only! - she exclaimed. - All life they ate my wrong food and extolled, and now is will not be!

I only sympathetically shook the head. To speak to the grieving venerator of plentiful food about that, as I keep to a diet, at least, it would be untimely.

- Then I took an interest, - the neigbour continued, - that they eat it with mother, keeping to the diet. Received the proud answer that they can eat a day four hundred grams of stewed vegetables, as much fresh and some greens and cabbage leaves. It is good that kept and did not ask how they are grazed on the grass with - hand bells on necks or just like that. And that troubles would be! My granddaughter sensitive.

Having taken breath, the neigbour continued:

- My first reaction was - to be inflated, take offense and scarify their diet in down and in ashes. However, there is a little poostyv, I thought that in something my girls also are right. The granddaughter grew up, looks for a way how to make a figure beautiful. Mother actively in it supports her. And maybe, and I will be able to help them? Therefore I read several clever efficient articles about healthy food, tried to prepare dietary dishes, considering tastes of the daughter and granddaughter, and now on this direction at me a full order too. Healthy food is not a diet, but tasty full-fledged food during all life. And not just when it was necessary “to sit down“ on a diet.

Here my neigbour appeared on the favourite culinary soil. I, one may say, already on a habit grabbed the handle and the notebook. It seems, it will be a question of what now is necessary for me!

- For a start we will take fresh vegetables salads. They are really very useful, one trouble - quickly bother. And what if since morning to cut a bowl of salad and there is its every time with other sauces - gas stations? Sauces can be made in advance, to store in the refrigerator week and to save on it time and forces.

I already hasty wrote down.

Sauce - vinaigrette

Products :

- 2 tablespoons (tablespoon) of vinegar, red or white wine;
- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice;
- 1/2 teaspoon (h l.) mustard without seeds;
- 3 garlic gloves;
is 1/2 h l. salts;
is 1/2 h l. pepper;
is 1/2 h l. dry oregano;
- 4 tablespoons of olive oil.


B to bank to pour vinegar, lemon juice, to suppress garlic, to add mustard, salt, pepper, it is good to stir, add oil, to close densely a cover and to shake half-minute, before the use to stir up every time.

In two following recipes a way of preparation of sauce same.

Sauce limonno - honey

Products :

- 1/4 glass of lemon juice (1 average lemon);
- 1 tablespoon of honey;
is 1/3 h l. salts;
is 1/3 h l. pepper;
- 1 / 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

Sauce - balm for 10 portions

Products :

- 3 tablespoons of balsam vinegar;
is 1 h l. lemon juice;
- 2 garlic gloves;
- 1 tablespoon of mustard without seeds;
- 1 tablespoon of honey;
- 2 tablespoons of brown sugar;
- 1/2 glass of olive oil.

- And here other type of gas stations, - with enthusiasm the neigbour continued, - long it is impossible to store. However, varying that and others, it is possible to receive the most different, and very pleasant flavoring feelings.

Sauce yogurt

Products :

- 200 ml of low-fat natural yogurt;
- 2 garlic gloves;
is 1/2 h l. salts;
is 1/4 h l. pepper;
- 10 leaves of mint.

Yoghurt to pour out preparation in a pan, here to suppress garlic, to add salt, pepper and small cut mint leaves, to mix to a uniform state.

Sauce cottage cheese

Products :

- 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
- 1 garlic glove;
is 1 h l. capers;
- 1/4 glass of low-fat milk;
is 1/4 h l. salts;
is 1/4 h l. pepper;
is 1/4 h l. fresh or dry rosemary.

Cottage cheese to lay out preparation in a pan and, gradually adding milk, to pound to a uniform state, here to press through garlic and to add other components, it is good to mix everything.

Sauce egg

Products :

- 2 hard-boiled eggs;
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
is 1 h l. lemon juice;
- 1 garlic glove;
- 100 ml of low-fat yogurt;
is 1/3 h l. salts;
is 1/3 h l. pepper.

Yolks it is good to b to knead preparation a fork, to mix carefully with oil, to add lemon juice and yogurt, here to press through garlic, to add, everything to mix the salt, pepper and proteins grated on a small grater.

- And now finish with literary trash, my dear, - the neigbour told, rising from a chair. - Let`s go to drink tea with candies.

- With candies?! - I was terrified and gave the so long kept secret. - I keep to a diet! It is impossible for me!

- Do not worry, - the neigbour grinned, - my candies are allowed to be eaten also on a diet. Here I will give only their recipe to you next time. Do not judge too severely.

And we went to kitchen to drink tea with the “resolved“ candies.