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Tomorrow it will be better than now? A happy occurence of

People are big children. How many years to us were, we impetuously believe that tomorrow it will be better, than today, than now, and we wait for that moment when at last all by itself is formed and will be very much - very well.

Roots of this infectious infantilism can be looked for in our childhood, in books about Ilya Muromts, about the count Monte - Cristo and movies about any there Spidermen. Once upon a time there was a loser or ordinary mediocrity, and here - bang! all sharply changed, he was just bitten by a spider in the right place.

Day after day we cherish the sweet drug of oblivion giving us hope that here - there will be that Happy Occurence when specifically tramples.

It hardly. If to look at those who already lived the years then it is simple to guess that such heppidy when you are gently woken suddenly by young Ms. Europe, stretching a key of remote start from Porsche the Cayman, - does not happen.

But we persistently believe that such day has to come. Though the Universe shows in all available ways us the return. This fanatical belief in the best is useful unless at nursing home when chances most to get out of a bed and will not be to reach shop behind milk any more.

People sacredly believe that life has to help them. Strikes amount of the thought-up arguments which are in response to a question why suddenly by itself there has to be this most Happy Occurence.

I know that my one and only Happy Occurence happened when my father found proper words to convince my mother to make love to it without contraception. From that minute nobody is obliged to me by anything. The world already gave me a lot of things in the advance payment. All the rest in my life - result of work and work on. As Mark Twain told, “it is not necessary to think that this world something has to you; it has to nothing to you, it was here and to you“.

Everything that actually can save our ass, finds room in only three words - Freedom, Responsibility, Discipline. Freedom for fears, from illusory ideas of and of the world. Responsibility in which root the understanding lies: and you will have all that you have now, - the relations, money and the social status - only your personal result. Discipline together with persistence - not to depart from the drawn-up plans, despite circumstances around.

You have hands, legs and the head now. It is already very good. For the independent organization of the Happy Occurence - it is quite enough. If there is not enough motivation to do something - you descend in the burn center and look at those who literally go all out to present itself the Happy Occurence just for a survival.

There is no self-discipline - begin to run at least steadily every morning, to make the bed and to implement the plans from the daily log. It is time to learn to separate imaginations from reality and to fill each day with action. The result will be not such precisely what you want, but anyway will surpass your expectations.

Finally I will tell about a confidential formula of the organization of the Happy Occurence. The formula “72“ is called. From the moment of emergence you the interesting project, global idea, desire or thought of something useful and new - at you have only 72 hours on its realization in life. Only 72 hours on creating or at least to begin something. Miss this term - you risk that your desire so will remain only thought, idea or entry in the daily log.

Use on health.