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What is wanted by this woman?

This information is rather for men, but the woman, you do not hurry to switch a page. For you what will be described below can turn out useful information.

For a start, I want to give an example from consultation of the man. It is a monologue with questions which concern not one man with similar, many address:
“- Well, explain me that is wanted by my wife? I do not understand it. She says that it lacks my attention, but when I exempt time from work and I hurry to it, she gathers and leaves on the affairs, or is engaged in something at home. And still, she wants gifts, much, always. And I just have for this purpose no sufficient means to buy by it often. She takes offense, at any nonsense, at the fact that I did not buy it plastic busik, or brasletik, and I am ready to buy it a beads, but good, their expensive solid stones, but not this rubbish. And still, these infinite shoes and handbags. All this dements me. She takes offense and calls me the greedy person. And I consider that I am not so rich to buy cheap stuff.
Ya very much I try to provide our family, I do everything that they did not need, and it is not happy again. I am tired at work as, it is necessary to communicate much there, and coming home I want rest. And my wife constantly climbs to me with tendernesses in public and with talk. I try to help it, and it …“ to you these words are familiar to

of the Man? And to you women?
I Think that many answered in the affirmative.
Of course, we different and about our difference is written and spoken much. And misunderstanding is caused by not this difference, and to discuss that we do not learn this arising from - for problem differences.
Would be desirable to give some small explanations to a man`s monologue that it became clear that with it to do.

1. “She says that it lacks my attention, but when I exempt time from work and I hurry to it, she gathers and leaves on the affairs, or is engaged in something at home.“

of the Woman of a being inconsistent, believe me, I am a woman. Yes we want attention, but in the form in which it is clear to us. And still we do not want that we were sponsored and for us solved. If of course your wife does not play constantly the little girl, and does not wait from you that you replace with her the father. Besides most of women, conducts active life out of a family and at it today affairs, of course, can be planned. And it is unimportant, whether a campaign it with the girlfriend or with mother on shops or a business meeting on work. These are its important issues. Household chores can be not less important for it, she is a keeper of the center.
If you understood that your wife lacks attention, discuss in what form she wants to receive this attention and that it in general means to it, attention from you. And still, it is important to agree on plans that it was impossible as to our hero.

2. “And still, she wants gifts, much, always“.

Yes, women love gifts. For many it is one of the main languages of love.
I gifts for us, it is not obligatory something grandiose and expensive at all.
the Gift is especially valuable if it is made in time and it is expensive and pleasant to the one to whom it is handed. I will tell a small example of how the gift, useless from the point of view of the man, could change the woman`s attitude towards him.
Just acquainted by the general friends of steam went to rest to the town, together with these friends. And of course women stopped near a latka with jewelry. Our heroine long considered the earrings which were pleasant to her, but did not decide to buy them. The hero having noticed it after women departed far away, returned and bought earrings. After a while the heroine had a birthday, and it presented her those earrings. This shown attention destroyed all doubts of the woman on - an occasion of their future relations. They together more than 10 years. Also are very happy.
Of course the man who is responsible for providing a family has to “count“ money. And it is healthy when there is an opportunity to give many gifts and many expensive and valuable presents. But often inexpensive at cost they can be presented so in time that their value increases in tens and hundreds of times.
A of a shoe and handbag? Well, it is pleasant to you to see near himself the beautiful woman and besides happy with the appearance? Then it is necessary to accept the fact that women of decorate with various accessories. It is their female nature such. It is all the same that the man to deprive of an opportunity to make decisions or to protect the relatives. It is what is put in the man by the nature, and without it he cannot.

3. “… my wife constantly climbs to me with tendernesses in public and with talk“.

of the Woman like to talk. Yes, it is important for us. We speak just to talk. We not always need to speak with the man to receive the ready decision. To us it is important that you listened to us and just found for us time. It gives us feeling of proximity and protection. Listen to us, hear us, so love us.
Ya noticed that many men hesitate to show tenderness in relation to the wives. And not only in public, as our hero, but also alone speaks. On same by the way, women often complain: “The man says that he loves, but does not show tenderness, to wait from him once again for a kiss or embrace it is simply unreal. It is necessary to ask and remind him that it is important for me“.
For women, the fact that the man touches it kisses it, embraces, is the direct proof of its sexual and female appeal. And when her man does it in public, this another proof of the woman that she is its most great value.
So answer to a question: “What is wanted from me by this woman?“ it is enough, it is simple and difficult at the same time. She wants understanding of her requirements and its acceptance, such as she is.
If you had questions, or there was a wish to discuss, write in comments.