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What will be if to turn back the clock? Kontramotion of

Due to the series of the last anniversaries I remembered that in age-old times on a department of chemistry of the Leningrad university the group of students in Day of the chemist made experiment under the name “And Povorotis - Time!“.

Thus process of a kontramotion (Latin contra against + lat received the embodiment. motio movement). The term is invented by brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky for designation of the return movement in time and introduced into circulation to stories “Monday Begins on Saturday“. There is a result.

In December, 1991 B. N. Yeltsin, L. M. Kravchuk and S. S. Shushkevich withdrew the signatures under belovezhsky arrangement, and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics was formed.

In 1961 and 1957, respectively, for the first time in the world the person from space of Yu. A stepped into the territory of the USSR near Baikonur. Gagarin, and there pleased an artificial satellite of Earth.

On August 6, 1945 in bombolyuk the American plane “Enola Gaye“ got, without having blown up, the atomic bomb, and hundreds of thousands of residents of Hiroshima returned to families.

In twenty eight years Poland and Finland voluntarily joined Russia, and in a trunk of the tank tool of the cruiser “Aurora“ tochnekhonko the single charge flew.

In the same time from the Winter Palace the big group of Red Guards ran out and, quickly moving back, disappeared in arch of the General Staff Building.

A bit later the man in a women`s dress entered this palace and was called the chairman of Provisional government.

In 1924 in the mausoleum the leader of the world proletariat recovered. Thus, the last subject of disagreements between communists and democrats disappeared.

Due to the end of Great war in 1914 the archduke Ferdinand revived.

In 1905 near the island of Tsushima in the face of the struck Japanese the big Russian squadron unexpectedly emerged and quickly was behind the horizon, heading for Kronstadt.

Within all the 19th century persistent attempts to reach Norway from the region of the North Pole, and Great Britain from the region of the South Pole were made.

In the middle of the same century the Marxism as a harmonous philosophical frame of reference ceased to exist and was divided into three sources and three components.

On April 8, 1783 Catherine II followed N. S. Khrushchev`s example and returned Tavriya`s peninsula to the Crimean Tatars.

In 1703 Peter the Great carefully realized a window leaf into Europe as he strongly a barrel the Internet, snickerses and petrodollars and, having muffled in furs, began to observe the Russian originality.

90 years later Mischa Romanov got down from a throne of the Russian tsar, and the Time of Troubles began.

At the beginning of the 17th century the Russian peasant Ivan Susanin brought group of Poles out of a bog and saw them to frontier.

Approximately in the same time the last settlers left the territory of the USA, previously having returned Alaska to Russia.

After this Columbus, having convinced that on the continent there is no white person left, closed America and sailed to Spain.

And, at last, at the beginning of our era Jesus Christ descended from a cross and, quickly decreasing in sizes, went to look for the maiden Maria.

It is sure that experts on History will add this surprising list of events!