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Change in the 21st century: new opportunities or dangers?

we Will agree at once, in our article we will not be fond of moralising and to press on conscience. Change is considered an integral part of any marriage for a long time. At least mentally changed everyone. Our business - to warn silly mistakes because, as we know, the best change about what nobody learns. Still some about twenty years ago to apostates was to

rather freely. The pseudo-workaholics liking to be late at “meetings“, the slogan “Always in Touch“ equated now to the To a Leg! team did not disturb. Holiday romances were not interrupted by SMS - Kami from the house. And private photos and video did not wander on “Schoolmates“ and YouTube. On hot and cold only those who were pathologically not able to lie or did not want it to do came across.

Now traditional misses of beginners Don Zhuanov and Margarit Valois are not so actual. All these traces of lipstick on clothes, the unfamiliar, but pleasant smells compromising letters and the crumpled checks from hotel were a thing of the past. On this rake there step only frank losers. Technical progress in our information century conceals in itself where big dangers. “the walkers surrounded from all directions with mobile phones, computers, digital gadgets and the World wide web on the left“ are clamped in a vice of constantly improved technologies. Nevertheless there is a number of banal rules, following which, you will be able not to be loyal long enough.

Mobile communication

Cell phones - the absolute evil. As a rule, the second half manages to ring the most improper moment for conversation. Also try not to take the call. The legend of the lead bunker which is not passing a cellular signal will not give a ride. The story about suddenly run low monetary balance is only capable to prolong tortures of those who sit on unlimited tariffs long ago. Besides today it is impossible to recharge unless in a public toilet (though I am not sure any more).

Council simple. If you are going in the evening “to sit up on work“ or “to visit the patient morning after of the friend“, better at all leave the mobile phone at home. Or in advance warn that the battery “here-here will die“. And choose a way of communications with object of desires. Up to purchase of the second phone with new number. At the same time, “leaving“ cellular at home, be convinced that in it there is no droplet of a compromising evidence. Other gifted persons, without hoping for own memory, like to collect intimate photos, playful SMS and a MMS. It it`s a no-brainer that in general it is better to keep the main number around, but if it did not turn out, then and you should not pour on such trifles. And that you will come back home once and you will find the wife sobbing over the broken iPhone.


the Home computer to the expert person can tell to

a lot of things of the owner. Even if you are sure that your second half is not rummaged on pockets and in e-mail, in both places it is necessary to be tidied up for itself. Especially it concerns users of the e-mail clients forgetting to establish passwords on boxes. However, using an on-line mailer, also do not forget to press at the end of a session a button “Exit“. Some browsers by default remember login and the password, subsequently providing access to any user who sat down on your place. Having a good head on the shoulders all frivolous correspondence or delete, or do not conduct at all.

Similar advice can be given also to those men that carefully store the porno downloaded from the Internet subsoil in the so-called “Working folder“. We remember that not all wives against such hobby, but meet the subjects capable to regard your genuine interest as a perversion and even change. It is not necessary to provoke just anger, it is enough to hide scandalous content slightly more deeply than a desktop, and also to remember the knowledge of archives gained on computer courses. The password protects Berezheny.

Dating sites

Is opinion that on popular dating sites of married / married characters much more, than single. To disprove this statistics also difficult, as well as to confirm, but it is clear one - here can be found the partner and for the rest of life, and for one night.

Same council: not too be fond. Observe reasonable confidentiality and anonymity. It is not necessary to push the favourite website in the Favourites folder of the browser and in general all “business“ negotiations conduct from working personal computers. Some manage successfully to adapt the smartphones and tablets extended now for the needs.

It is quite simple to distinguish the family person who is looking for adventures on such website. Men, that is characteristic, seldom hide behind someone else`s photos, but in the column “marital status“ put a crossed out section. Women, on the contrary, prefer to play a cat and mouse, reasonably being afraid to meet here the lonely girlfriends. Those who, in general, and are not going to extend virtual flirtation to reality like to play this game even. Just they like feeling of an imaginary freedom of action though often business does not reach actions.

Anyway, the website is only a step to change, and the main task is receiving phone of the desirable subject. Then it is better to freeze or remove the account. Out of harm`s way. Or to the following time. Social networks

you Want

is guaranteed to ensure divorce and a maiden name - get acquainted on social networks. Especially it concerns men who, without having managed to be registered, drag to themselves on a page contacts of the former beloved. Agree, suspicions of your spouse will be justified when instead of the best friends Petya and Vasya she comes across ten Kat, Ol and Mash with the fastened statuses “classmate“ and “schoolmate“. You not in a female gymnasium studied, the truth?

Worst of all when on a social network you begin to search for data on your present passion. In - the first, you know less - better you sleep. In - the second, you risk to give all the best on a silver platter as some networks fix any visits of the page of the user. At personal contact you can talk nineteen to the dozen, without risking to be caught on lie. Your real profile on same “Schoolmates“ will tell to the inquisitive applicant all the rest. Worst of all, when these data will fall into hands of people unscrpulous. Business both reaches blackmail, and before extortion. “It`s a small world“ nobody wants to check a dark side of a proverb on own skin.

So, we will sum up the results. Change was always a venture, and today when exchange of information happens really immediately, can happen so that you only conceived to make the transaction with conscience, and your suitcase with inaccurately packed things already waits for the owner at an entrance door. The thinking person will weigh all pros and cons. On the one hand - a family, children, the stable future, not sullied reputation and a quiet dream, with another - the adventure tickling nerves and thirst of adventures.

As they say, the coward not only does not play hockey, but also does not drink champagne in a bed with the stranger. However, it happens and so that having received the desirable, we reap the bitter fruits. Back the road will not be, and about the broken cup everything is told truly.