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Phone and car: danger or “norm“?

Are surprising, but when discussion of need to increase punishment for phone conversations driving began, many stated the indifference, something it seems: “And me norms! I do not consider what to tell by phone and to steer the car at the same time - dangerously“.

It is possible, for drivers with an experience in several decades phone in a hand, really, not a hindrance. Not to mention drivers of city minibuses which can speak by phone, chew a donut, smoke, accept payment for journey and drive at the same time. But from emergencies nobody is insured. Both skilled drivers, and “youths“, talking driving, risk personal and others` safety. Sometimes it is surprising why trifle of this problem so and indifferently. Probably, something like our old good tradition “So far the thunder will not burst it …“.

Researches of the American scientists are interesting. According to the published results: “ When the person steers the car and speaks on cellular, the brain begins to carry out two tasks at the same time. At the same time conversation on cellular is the main task, and driving - minor. As a result the brain begins to react to a minor task on 300 milliseconds more slowly that leads to decrease in reaction to the happening actions on the road and often leads to road accident “. (Read in “The independent newspaper“).

Will help to reduce risk of accidents from - for telephone conversations during the movement various fonts. They, of course, will not return attentiveness, but will release both hands necessary for fast maneuver in case of danger. And some devices will help more, some - it is less. To what to give preference?

the Wire font

the simplest decision from available - a wire font. Essence of all such accessories one: to connect to phone, to insert the earphone into an ear and to manage to press the button during a call. Minuses of such hands - free are obvious. In - the first, phone has to be always nearby. In - the second, wires can interfere with the movements of the driver. In - the third to call or answer a call, all - it is necessary to be distracted by pressing of buttons, search of contacts. It is possible to distinguish the low price of a wire font from pluses (on average from 300 to 1 000 rubles).

Wireless Bluetooth - a font

the Wireless font fastens on an ear that allows the driver to move freely hands, without being afraid to lose the earphone or phone. It can be the elementary device with the minimum set of functions (answer / dumping, deduction and repetition) like Plantronics ML10. Or more advanced font with additional opportunities of noise reduction, the moisture protective case, several microphones (Plantronics Voyager Legend) and even with the display (Samsung HM6450 Modus).

Plus such font is that it automatically connects to phone on Bluetooth. However phone all the same has to be in the public eye (at least to define who calls). Well and not everything the option is convenient to keep constantly the device in fish soup. Bluetooth prices - set fluctuate in the range of 700-5 000 rubles of vzavisimost from a brand and the number of additional functions.

of Bluetooth - a speakerphone or Car kit

This way the author regards

as one of the most “advanced“ and even in some sense of perfect.

In - the first, nothing hangs on the driver`s ear. The device very just fastens to a sun-protection peak of the car.

In - the second, the movements of the driver for commission of a call are minimized. In the advanced models, for example, Parrot MINIKIT Neo, is provided even automatic turning on of the device when the driver takes the wheel. Management completely voice - for a call it is necessary to tell the name of the subscriber from a notebook in phone. Hands are always free. In case of the entering call, the device says aloud a contact name, for example, “Barack Obama“. If necessary the call can be rejected - then the SMS - an answering machine“ will work “. Can confuse in “carat - whales“ only the price though it often is even lower less convenient, but “fancy“ with Bluetooth - set (MINIKIT Neo costs no more than 4 thousand rubles).

Unfortunately, according to the last poll of Fund Public Opinion, over 70% of the Russian motorists do not use in general any fonts . Perhaps, new penalties will induce them to do talk driving safer? And if skilled drivers are so sure of themselves then “beginners“ should explain that to what.

At early age very few people think of safety so it is good to senior generation to help youth with the choice of really necessary devices which will release hands during the movement and will help to be distracted by calls less. Nobody wants to see the children in the evening report of road news, isn`t it?