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rejuvenation of

Yes everything is very simple, as always. It is one of popular wisdom, for example washing by dew, you of course know that it is very useful, and this secret not less ancient, from national fairy tales so to speak.

You hope you know the fairy tale about the tsarevna a frog and as in all fairy tales in it there is a popular wisdom. Leather of the Russian green frog contains several unique enzymes which favorably influence face skin and not only. Thanks to this influence there is an updating of face skin approximately in 3 weeks.

The recipe is simple, it is necessary to put in the evening in a one-liter jar a fresh-caught frog, bank of a doln to be filled on a half, in the morning we release a frog, we use liquid in the form of a mask on the person, we moisten a marlichka and we put, dries it is updated and so about an hour. Next day we catch a fresh frog both too most, and so exactly 2 weeks again. Important points, a frog to update, to release surely live, it kakto is connected with signs, in 2 weeks when skin will begin to be updated, to bring together her on a vatochka and to burn, so it is necessary. In use to reserve water, effect not that, enzymes collapse and nevertheless to catch from wildlife.

Rejuvenation of skin

As is correct to keep skin since youth? The better you will understand it, the more fine and ukhozhenny there will be your skin (your works: it is your skin). And to begin to study it is necessary skin: what processes take place in it that contains in it as she receives food how many there lives the cell of skin of what layers skin consists that is an ancestor of cells of skin without what the cage will not be able to share etc.

When you will understand how there lives the cell of your skin from where it appears, than breathes, than eats, you will be able to look after her, giving it all most necessary. If all of you - overlooked behind skin, you can have traces of the wrong care of it: peeling, reddenings, earthy dim color, early wrinkles.

Beauty... What different sense is put by us over the years in this word! In 15 years you think whether enough you are effective, unique, imposing shadows and bringing lips. And in 30 years, imposing shadows, you already think of how to make imperceptible wrinkles. Time flies. To you 50. And you understand that it was necessary to keep and protect skin years with 15, - look, and scars such would not be, and wrinkles would be not such deep.

On what only tricks, adventures and feats are not started up the woman in the aspiration by eternal youth! Much want to receive fast and indicative result even if in the operational way. But the age anyway prevails.

The natural process predetermined by the nature which begins in an organism already at young age is the cornerstone of aging of face skin.

Updating of cellular structure of epidermis in an organism is carried out under control of nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Indirectly through transport systems of an organism - a lymph and blood integrative systems by means of an epidermalny growth factor which is well perceived by membrane receptors of epidermis regulate cellular proliferation of an epithelium. Epidermalny cages answer stimulation with division. However process of cellular division cannot be infinite. It is genetically programmed, and each cage cannot proliferirovat more than 50 times.

Age exhaustion of hormonal and growth factors, and also accumulation of products of disintegration in an organism which are hardly removed have essential value, and their surplus collects and slows down intensity of exchange processes.

Age changes in skin begin with loss of the first protective barrier - a lipidic film which connects and sticks together microbes, dust particles, foreign dirt. The lipidic cloak is very vulnerable before ultraviolet rays which “dry up“ skin. The last researches showed that a svetopovrezhdayushchy factor of the sun - one of the main reasons of aging of face skin. Ultraviolet rays possess vykoky energy. At hit on skin they cause education in it free radicals - the molecules containing not coupled electrons in the external orbit. Such molecules highly chemically reaktivna are also capable to cause damages of nuclear DNA, and it is a way to an onkogenez. Free radicals also destroy lipids and membranes of cages, collagenic and elastichesky fibers terms, connect water that leads to decrease in turgor and elasticity of skin, its thinning and emergence of wrinkles.

Accumulation in skin of free radicals is nearly the main reason for aging. Among other negative factors - a depression of immune system, a mutation of cells of skin, and then emergence of good-quality or malignant new growths, senile pigmentation - hloazm. Fight against free radicals can be carried out in two directions: these are protective creams with a svetoprotektion and use of antioxidants - the substances connecting free radicals locally and bringing them out of skin and oral administration of vitamins (With, E, A, K).

Thus, the growing old skin is deprived of a lipidic cloak. Grease and sweat glands will atrophy. The multilayered flat epithelium - epidermis sharply becomes thinner, begins to illuminate a superficial vascular texture terms. In the main layer of epidermis large melanotsita cause hloazma and extensive age pigmentation. In sosochkovy and mesh layers terms are brightly expressed dehydration phenomena as the level of sour glikozaminglikan (hyaluronic acid) sharply decreases. Collagenic and elastichesky fibers are exposed to disintegration. The layer hypodermically - fatty cellulose at excess body weight can be sharply increased or, on the contrary, is sharply lowered at exhaustion. The mimic muscles of the person will partially atrophy, and circular muscles of an eye and a mouth are in a hyper tone. The thinned skin covering them accurately outlines contours of muscles with development of deep wrinkles and furrows on a face.

Frustration vodno - electrolytic balance involve accumulation of a large amount of liquid in interweft substance. The bad limfoottok gives to face skin pastosity, puffiness. The flabby, lost turgor skin sags, forming folds. On skin formation of benign tumors is possible: papillomas, senile keratomas, a nevus, hloazm, is more rare than malignant tumors - cancer and a melanoma.

As panacea from aging of face skin and a body we offer you a unique complex of various gymnastic exercises for skin of women of different age, skin of different types, paying attention to the seasonal care of skin depending on your individual reaction to climatic factors.

Each woman, having seen in a mirror small mimic wrinkles or “goose pads“ about eyes, it is ready for everything to get rid of them. The most known and most popular methods of disposal of undesirable wrinkles are a rejuvenating creams (peelings, masks) in house conditions; massages and hardware procedures in beauty shop; surgical methods (lifting of skin, injection) etc. All these means are effective, however they will be even more effective if creams and massages are addition to gymnastics for the person or to training of face muscles.

As well as any training, gymnastics for the person begins with warm-up. On our ears there are many points which are responsible for functioning practically of all body organs. Making rotary motions and pressing on an ear lobe, it is possible to influence the most different parts of an organism and thus to lift a tone, to warm up before training.

Over the years skin loses the mass of useful elements: collagen, elastin and other fibers which promote elasticity of skin. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen face muscles. With age women have small wrinkles around a mouth therefore it is expedient to smooth cross and nosogubny folds. For this purpose there is such exercise: at first under top, and then under a lower lip enclose two thumbs. Lips squeeze a dense ring, and thus wrinkles “are erased“ from a face.

Important advantage of the rejuvenating gymnastics is an opportunity to do exercises of the house. Horizontal wrinkles on a forehead - an unsoluble problem for many. However it is possible to get rid of them, straining a big frontal muscle of a forehead. Emotion “surprise“ will help to execute exercise: pretend that are strongly surprised with something. Here the main facial muscles work. Besides hands act as the main assistants: hold skin with hands. For those at whom vertical folds between eyebrows are formed it is necessary to hold skin fingers so that in other places new folds did not appear.

As they say, “eyes - a window to the soul“ therefore it is worth caring for them first of all. In other parts of this section there are exercises calculated on strengthening of a circular muscle of eyes. Here one of them: eyes have to look highly up, eyebrows are highly raised, and the main effort is directed to the lower part of an eye. And in such situation it is necessary to blink for centuries. This exercise is carried out into 20 accounts.

Hands during the work with the person should not press, stretch or strain muscles. Their main task - to hold skin from emergence of new folds. “Goose pads“ - eyes look up, alternately with opened and blindly. Raising century.

The following exercises are directed to strengthening of a circular muscle of a mouth. For a start it is necessary to work over a malar muscle: a rearrangement of an upper lip on lower and, on the contrary, lower on top. That is “imitation of the wrong bite“: at first the upper lip covers lower and vice versa. It is necessary to address wrinkles around a mouth further again. With these exercises “you will be helped, for example, by emotion “understanding of fault“. Having pursed lips, clamp mouth corners fingers. Do not pull skin but only press fingers so that wrinkles were smoothed.

Of neobkhodimeyshy to each woman of exercises - to reach one a language tip a nose tip. Exercise promotes strengthening of muscles of a chin.

As completion of training of the person it is possible to ispolzopat acupuncture: walk on all points to persons for strengthening of muscles.

Besides work on a face form it is necessary to think of cervical department and area of a decollete. These parts of a body are “on a look“, they grow old also quickly and inevitably as areas around lips and eyes therefore it is necessary to train every day neck muscles.

Exercise for fight against flabbiness of skin on a neck quite simple: for this purpose it is necessary to lay down on a floor and to raise the head as far as it is possible. To hold the head in the lifted state within 30 seconds, every day increasing time and loading (angle of lead). Also one of additional exercises for strengthening of muscles of a neck is extension of cervical muscles and vertebras. From a prone position it is necessary to gather in “an embryo pose“, that is to clasp knees with hands. It is necessary to be in such situation about a minute, and it is desirable to increase time at each training.

The final stage is the exercises from yoga connected with a breath delay. They are calculated on improvement of blood circulation and enrichment of an organism by oxygen. At first you accept “a lion pose“: to place legs on width of shoulders and to sit down, then to hold the breath, to pull in a stomach and to lean palms on legs, is slightly higher than a knee. The breath is held so, as far as possible, then the deep breath follows.

Today on a problem of extension of biological age speculate much. Many medicines or techniques advertized as panacea against aging, actually are the baby`s dummies at best having some relation to this complex problem. The main trouble of these to no - Hau - lack of due laboratory and pilot studies.