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How to save time on cooking?

life of the modern woman Is difficult and loaded. Since morning it is necessary to make toilet, to make all a breakfast, to take away the child in kindergarten, to completely direct all efforts to work, to swim for a while in the pool, to take away the child from kindergarten and on the road to drop in behind products... Well and at last home! And what waits for the modern woman of the house?

Cleaning of the apartment, preparation of lessons with the child, an ironing, washing of ware and preparation of a dinner. And how there is a wish to give minute of attention to just to drink coffee, to read the favourite book or to stay with the husband alone?. But on what it is possible to save time? On cooking!

What is the time occupies on average preparation of a dinner? It is necessary to wash meat, vegetables, to chop them, to fry, make sauce, a garnish moreover and all ware to wash up. But it is possible to simplify somehow this process, for example, to prepare simple dishes which do not demand a constant control. It will also allow you to prepare and go about the own business in parallel. I offer several simple recipes.

Recipe 1. Fish Russian cabbage soup. Very tasty and simply. What is required: tinned saury, cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, one paprika, greens of fennel and parsley. Cabbage small to chop, put to cook. Meanwhile to prepare a zazharka: onions, carrots, pepper. When the cabbage reaches semi-readiness, to add a saury and potatoes. To allow to boil ten minutes, after to add a zazharka. To put on weak fire for 10 minutes. To strew with greens.

Recipe 2. Chicken with vegetables. That is required: a roasting sleeve, the frozen vegetables, chicken thighs, chicken seasoning. To fill chicken thighs, vegetables with chicken seasoning, to leave for ten minutes. Then to put everything in a roasting sleeve and to put in an oven for 20 - 30 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees.

What vegetables have to be present at the oseena - a winter diet? the Question very important, in the winter immunity of the person is weakened, and it as we know, leads to frequent colds. Those vegetables which are on sale in shops now practically do not contain useful vitamins. But chemistry in them much. It is good if you stocked up wholly in the summer, froze pepper, carrots, beet, vegetable marrows. And if is not present? Then try to adhere to such scheme: eat not less than 500 grams in day of various vegetables and fruit - apples, oranges, a garden radish, carrots, eggplants, pepper, bananas, etc. And the next winter surely freeze not only vegetables, but also berries. For example, red and blackcurrant, raspberry, sea-buckthorn, bilberry, wild strawberry.

Recipe 3. Fish with vegetables. That is required: fillet of a sole, cauliflower, broccoli, siliculose haricot, seasoning for fish. To put all ingredients in a pan, to pour a half-glass of water, to fill with seasoning for fish and to salt, extinguish 20 minutes.

How many once a week is fish? fish, as well as meat, gives to an organism all necessary proteins. It is less kaloriyna, it is easily acquired and comprises many useful fatty acids. Fish is vitamin-rich groups A, B, D, E, potassium, fluorine and phosphorus. It is the best of all to buy fresh-frozen fish. If there is no such opportunity and you had to buy fish in a deep freezing, then prepare it in own juice or extinguish. And always to be healthy and it is fine to feel, use fish at least two times a week.

Recipe 4. Banana cocktail. Please the relatives with tasty and useful drink which preparation takes no more than 15 minutes. What is required: floor - milk liter, 3 - 4 bananas, creamy ice cream. It is necessary to mix in the blender all ingredients to a dense consistence. It is possible to add a little sugar and to strew all with a chocolate crumb.

Recipe 5. Rolls from an unleavened wheat cake. That is required: the Armenian unleavened wheat cake, processed cheese in trays, greens of fennel and parsley, crabsticks, fresh cucumbers. To grease an unleavened wheat cake with processed cheese, to put melkonarezanny crabsticks, cucumbers and greens. To turn in roll and to put for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. The fast and tasty snack is ready!

Recipe 6. Chicken fillet with mushrooms. That is required: chicken fillet, champignons, onions, mayonnaise. To cut some fillet pieces, to fry to semi-readiness. To separately fry the cut mushrooms and onions, till golden color. To put everything in a pan. To part mayonnaise in half of glass of water, to add to contents of a pan and to extinguish 7 - 10 minutes.

This small list of recipes will help you to please relatives with a tasty dinner and to save a couple of hours for itself favourite. The rest for you, dream, think out the quick unique recipes.