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Is to live or live that is?

Food, perhaps, the fastest and easy way to derive pleasure from life. All of us like to eat well and if someone tells that it is not a gourmet - I will not believe! Food and furthermore tasty prepared, happens as a balm for the soul. Ah how tasty to sit at a table in the family circle and to drink a mug of fragrant tea, savouring at the same time a slice of newly-baked cake! Mmm...

Since the childhood parents us learn to eat properly. Later, nutritionists advise as as in what quantities on kilogram of your weight it is necessary to use. The theory of food difficult science and I do not find it possible to learn all its subtleties and furthermore, necessary.

Someone does not even think of food and with good mood is able to afford to add an extra kilo. Someone on the contrary, watches everything that consumes, with meticulous scrupulousness studying labels of products not to use superfluous calories.

Naturally, it is necessary to know when to stop in everything and furthermore in food. Food, too permissible in respect of “delicacies“, is reflected not only in the body sizes, but also on its health. Over the years the organism loses ability to remove harmful substances from what we grow old and we get a set of diseases.

In a case with desire to have the harmonous and tightened body, it should be noted constant tension in mentality which is formed on the basis of cycling on quality and caloric content consumed products. And if to watch quality business useful (from what just now do not make products), then to consume skim cheese or a low-calorie sakharozamenitel - consider harmful to an organism.

Perhaps, living outdoors, in the same village and eating only actually grown up products, your organism will be healthy and full of strength (consuming you though food “tons“), but the civilization placed us in such framework, ourselves are more faithful than ourselves placed in them that quality and naturalness of the consumed food became far more important, than its quantity.

Qualitative and natural food contain all useful substances which they by definition have to contain and are digested an organism far more simply and quicker, than chemically or thermally processed. In such conditions it is rather reasonable to investigate “inscriptions“ on labels and to watch nutritiousness of the consumed food.

But, as if there was not, we like to eat well and, unfortunately, in the conditions of frequent stresses and vital problems we are forced “to jam“ all our troubles. For this reason, much, hard enduring problems people, are guided by the far unhealthy principle in life that we live that is . And even those who eat like nothing (keep a figure), also go in cycles in food, going into other extremes that we live that not is .

Dependence on food is similar narcotic even if this dependence accepts opposite character when the person exhausts himself with hunger and malnutrition to achieve a slim figure. But as well as any dependence, obsession with food deprives of us tranquility and takes away forces.

If to look at fauna, then our small brothers do not suffer from such problem though some of representatives of flora and faunae can chew all day something, but their diet, unlike human - simple and monotonous. If the person so ate, then he could avoid a great deal of trouble both the physical body, and mentality tied with health. But, unfortunately, already since the childhood us learn to eat “properly“. We will not even discuss a subject of the “balanced“ food as scientists most likely just forgot to pay attention to animals who, without having analytical thinking and not capable to make a diet of “useful“ products, somehow grow also some, even, grow elephants!

The matter is that animals eat to live , and not vice versa, that is characteristic to the renewing most of representatives of mankind. But how at them it turns out? In what their secret? How to the person to assimilate to an animal (in respect of food it is natural)? Eat the person as an animal, he would have excellent health and would not differ from sebepodobny in the sizes (some manage to reach obesity, the exceeding norms in two, and even several times). And in general, you saw the animal running with a frying pan or a pan?

We will not touch upon a rawism subject (that is natural to fauna) as on this subject the set of books and articles is written, and we will return to a question of dependence from tasty or refusal it it. What us forces to go in cycles in food?

Many “experts“ on life claim that the person is given birth to be happy. Personally I agree as there were all of us is universal are happy, there would be no problems not only with food, but also wars, the conflicts, silly disagreements. But, unfortunately, not and a piece of happiness we often receive it, eating piece of cake !

Food as we already told and furthermore tasty, is a source of natural pleasure for the person. We enjoy food every day several times, turning often it into a cult. Taste, aroma, feeling of satiety give temporarily conditions of happiness: problems pale into insignificance, pulls in a sweet dream and we wait for the following meal again to present ourselves though a small droplet of happiness...

That - to explain how to become happy without dependence on pleasure at meal, I will explain on the example what would not throw “rotten tomatoes“ into me - a pier I generalize again that all of us different (though I actually consider that all of us identical) etc. But we will start the main thing...

For me, pleasures are first of all positive emotions which I receive, eating the same notorious piece of cake. But agree, positive emotions can be received not only from food? Communication with friends or pleasant pastime with darling of the person also give the mass of emotions and impressions! But, as it appeared, not so that and just to enjoy life, without having changed a diet and quantity consumed products.

The vicious circle was formed: to receive positive emotions at me it turned out only at healthy nutrition, but to eat properly, it was necessary to receive these emotions which would replace to me then pleasure from improper feeding at the beginning. It was necessary it is banal to use will power and to play many sports to burn calories and to stimulate production of “happiness hormone“ (endorphins).

Loadings daily or almost daily physically (jogging for example) are useful both to mood, and to health first of all, but in the conditions of modern life not always it turns out to find regularly for himself favourite time. If I cannot regularly play sports always to have good mood, then it is necessary to look for alternative.

After long searches and supervision I had to accept the fact that in the fastest and effective way to reduce the appetites and to put food in order is an adrenaline. I reduce any life situations causing disorders, the speeded-up breath, increase in a rhythm of heart, i.e. emission of adrenaline in blood not only appetite, but also improve mood, raise a self-assessment and as a result, self-confidence gets stronger.

I think, it is possible to find a set of ways to start the mechanism of production of adrenaline consciously to control this process and to get used to new feelings, but personally to me to liking communication and interaction with people. Sometimes, nervousness from a conflict situation so excites that appetite vanishes at several o`clock. The moments connected with desire to state the positive feelings and emotions to the person which sympathizes with you are also disturbing. An opportunity to pay attention to it can also cause nervousness.

Everyone for itself(himself) can define that most of all suits it to receive positive emotions from life. But I do not find possible it, without change of the food while the adrenaline which is not demanding manifestation of will power for creation to itself restrictions quickly and reliably teaches you to healthy nutrition - is to live !