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Personal notebook as good assistant.

Many philosophers consider that the written word has the certain magic and power, it is not told and went to the future and is written and there is it so far is, concept as diaries and personal notebooks consign to the past, they are succeeded by electronic versions. Though my opinion that very in vain, on personal experience the notebook helped me with life. With a notebook you find time for the thoughts and plans when there you write out them it is possible to forget and be engaged quietly other cares knowing about them that your assistant will not forget about them and in time remind. Also he by means of certain schemes and combinations can help to solve problems and to find versions of solutions of some questions, plays not a bad role in development of motility and also it is possible to fulfill pocherg there, when you write you there write on the edena and only for yourself and not where without hurrying also without any duties. To write down there algorithms of actions for today. And always when you are bothered boringly by the Internet and telemaintaining you can always get the notebook and continue records or read last, on it write down the achievements and the pleasant moments there, in it it is possible to splash out absolutely different emotions. Also remember that the personal notebook has to remain only personal and not what other minds should not read it, and then it will never bring you, trust in it, it unites your reason and subconsciousness, and this unity very much will help you with life! Conduct notebooks do not forget the letter;-) Kaka`s
to achieve the objectives. Give to
an imagination scope. Analyze nothing, just write down as much as possible ideas, 10 - 20.
What of them most of all is pleasant to you? What will be most difficult to be reached? What progress you will be especially is proud? Do not forget that the best purposes are those which are important for you. Snachalo`s
set short-term objectives which can be reached for not, how many days. Then - long-term on which weeks or month can leave. Pronomerutste in what you would like to achieve the objectives in that order them.
Write down the purpose. 2. Note when it needs to be reached. Purpose of a beznamechenny dyta only dream. 3. Expect possible difficulties, then think as to overcome them. 5. Give the obligation. Promise yourself that you will make all possible achievements of the purpose. Date and subscribe. Begin
immediately. Wonder: What I can undertake now that it priblishchitsya to the purpose?
Daily analyze the purposes. Remind yourself why each purpose is important to you. Watch progress marking near each complete step.
Be flexible. As if there were your plans, be ready to correct them and it is natural.
Include imagination. Scroll everything forward, present that you reached everything, derive pleasure Then scroll everything back, stopping on the main steps and comprehending them. And at last press reproduction. Happy journey, also begin to act!