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In 15 years the websites will not be? Whether

the Internet of years through 15 Will keep the positions? What will be its functions? How the websites will change? Give for the answer to this question at first we will glance in absolutely recent past - on 12 years ago

the Audience of the World wide web made about 250 million people. The websites represented not too colourful collections of texts. The quantity of illustrations was limited to the capacity of the channel and volume of a traffic. Information processing was made on rather systems, low-power to present measures, with a small volume of random access and constant memory. Servers left much to be desired too

Technical restrictions, certainly, interfered with full disclosure of creative potential a web - developers. They sometimes so wanted to twist a counter pozalikhvatesty yes pozaboristy to realize fully the Napoleonic plans for the embodiment of own vision of development of the website...

Of course, scale was not to start similar projects. Time went, population of connected grew 1000 times quicker, than population of our favourite planet. The shape of the Network changed: besides that now the Internet is a full-fledged supplier of masses - media, so also means of the advanced communication, interactive entertainment, self-expression and (at last) earnings! And there is more to come!

Such domination was promoted by development of the technologies which allowed to make the Internet vsedostupny: from desktop personal computers to up-to-date gadgets (iPad, GalaxyTAB etc.) behind which development, by and large, the future.

Huge capacities of graphic processors allow to parallelize calculations now that the Internet - the commonwealth allows to solve scientific problems of high complexity by numerical methods all. Technologies of essentially new manipulators virtual space are already considered by the offices ready to let out them! Everything, everything, all develops promptly!

How matter in the future can be? Let`s try to make the small forecast concerning shape of the usual website and a role of the Network in 5, 10 and 15 years.

is 5 years old

It is a transition period when flash - technologies become obsolete. They are very bulky, are not always convenient in use and are too slow and difficult for third-party management. The number of the excess text on the websites the increasing attention decreases constantly, paid to a visual row, headings are integrated, non-standard combinations of the flowers which were earlier not enjoying popularity are used.

Static character in registration of the website leaves. Let`s give an example: it is planned to realize such website that its color scheme corresponded to lighting behind a window, created the positive atmosphere disposing to visit. For realization of a task it is necessary to have the user`s coordinates to adapt to conditions (well also the weather forecast coincided).

All this half-troubles, the main problem consists in complexity of realization of such quantity of combinations in flash - the appendix (different colors, different covering, creation of unique difficult algorithms). How to solve it? The user`s computer through 3d - the appendix a set of standard instructions will be able to do all work. For anybody not a secret that modern graphic cards allow also not it! According to the last information, there is a development of such appendices as WebGl now, they - that also will become the bridge to future shape of the Internet.

is 10 years old

3d - the websites will be norm, old formats will begin to remake under new, than and the Internet - design where developers of three-dimensional programs will be connected will begin to earn community. During this time technologies of mobile devices will significantly promote - they with ease will operate big, than present statsionarnik, data arrays and to carry out functions of the full-fledged media centers and metacommunicators.

Life without electronics in big cities will become already impossible! Even in shops loading of the range will be carried out in a metacommunicator, and existence of necessary goods - to be removed by the message. The websites will begin to carry out absolutely other function - function of the tool for the interactive choice of services and goods in any coverage zone of the Network. Advertizing will begin to develop in the new unpredictable direction and to look for extreme (in sense the best) ways.

of 15 years

of Technology of communication with the computer will ripen to such stage to depart from means habitual today tactile (that is at a contact) controls of cars. Passa hands (and also the heads, ears, noses and legs ) will drive work process, it will allow to remove work of the Internet in truly three-dimensional architecture.

The user will be in this space, habitually controlling it hands, but not to observe process from outside, driving a finger. An opportunity to be a full-fledged participant of performance of a task, to receive the return felt response is millions of new ways of impact on attitude.

The websites will become almost real estate as now apartments, will be so expensive and will become in itself business. It is the new virtual world of which great fantasts of the 20th century, and it already not far off dreamed