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I want piercing! Not to be punctured as if?

piercing are puzzled Today not only representatives with everything well-known subcultures, but also the ordinary people who are interested in the brilliant trinkets inserted into any area of a body... to

About piercing wrote not one article, piercing is discussed at forums, piercing is lit in headings of news, piercing - jewelry revolts the senior generation for a long time... In a word, Hamlet`s question “To be, or not to be...“ (in this context = “To prick or not to prick...“) quite often creeps in in the head of each teenager and not only the teenager.

A keyword here, perhaps, - “any“ as modern piercing became even more various: these are options from standard punctures of lobes of ears to punctures of nipples and intim - zones.

Any jewelry on a face, a navel, language is the most popular now. I also have several such jewelry. But anyway the body only yours, makes the choice and solves everyone only.

As I already mentioned, not to consider types of piercing. Therefore if all of you got up courage, went to salon and try to explain to the skilled master, so to speak, “on fingers“ that from it it is required, - not the fact that he will understand you.

Therefore in order to avoid misunderstanding it is better to spend nevertheless hour or so of the time, to study the Internet, to look what options are possible, and to specify the name of that piercing which to you attracted. It is impossible to prick most at all, without having experience. It is clear, that in each of us there live the hidden talents, but we definitely cannot know all subtleties which are known by professionals, it is anyway better not to risk.

Well, decided on a type of piercing, masters found, the choice behind ornament. Depending on a puncture - and earrings exist different: bars, ringlets, bananas (are used for a navel puncture), twists (curved bars), nostrila (for a nose wing puncture), tunnels and other.

The earring has to be convenient that it was practically not felt on skin and was not touched at any sharp gestures. It is important that ornament was made of surgical steel, especially that which is put initially. It will accelerate and will facilitate healing process.

And here, the fraction of a second - and in your body already sparkles new “tsayets“. Procedure, of course, not from pleasant, but how many emotions! Nevertheless, you should not forget that in the next weeks, and at times and months, behind piercing appropriate leaving is required.

Now it is time to arm with cotton wool, alcohol and ointment which to you will serve throughout the entire period of healing for care of a wound. It is necessary to treat it absolutely seriously and every time carefully to make procedures of wiping, washing and rinsing (if piercing is located in an oral cavity).

Now the most terrible and heavy behind. After final healing of a puncture it is possible to change an earring on more expensive or that which is pleasant to you more. If still you do not decide to make it, again - it is possible to ask for the help the master.

There is no wish to sadden pleasures, but consequences of piercing happen the most different therefore to puncture and “to be punctured“, it is necessary to follow all above-mentioned rules and not to forget about elementary hygiene. If that - at once to the doctor!

Once again weigh everything, properly consider, take courage, courage and - forward! Perhaps you just lack piercing also in order that to change something in the life.