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The Lviv cheesecake with poppy or How to invite a legend to a breakfast?

If you can arrive to Lviv, surely visit one of coffee houses it the nice city. At least to try the well-known Lviv cheesecake - pride of locals. In my opinion, no cheesecake will be compared to this most tasty and fantastically gentle delicacy.

is Struck by a variety of variations of a cheesecake: on a cake layer or without it, with candied fruits or nuts, with an orange or lemon dried peel, with coconut flakes or raisin … However my favourite option is a cheesecake with poppy. We will train him today.

So, for a cm form 25 by 30 it is required by to us :

1. 500 g of fat cottage cheese (it is better house).
2. 150 - 200 g of sugar.
3. 4 eggs.
4. 150 g of soft butter.
5. 2 tablespoons of semolina or starch.
6. Lemon.
7. Vanillin.

Stuffing :

1. 1 glass of poppy.
2. 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Cake layer :

1. 200 g of cookies.
2. 40 g of butter.

Glaze :

1. Tile of your favourite chocolate.
2. 2 tablespoons of fat sour cream.

We start preparation:

1. Several hours prior to preparation it is necessary to fill in with boiled water poppy.

2. Now we prepare a cake layer. We crush cookies in a small crumb and we add the softened butter. Then we distribute the turned-out dough a layer approximately in 5 mm on a form bottom, we do sides and we put in the oven warmed to 180 degrees. When the cake layer is reddened, we will get it and we will leave to cool down.

3. Now we take cottage cheese. It surely has to be dry! If cottage cheese damp, just suspend it at several o`clock in a gauze that excess liquid flew down.

4. So, we wipe cottage cheese through a sieve. We add sugar, yolks, juice and a dried peel of a lemon, soft oil, a semolina to it (or starch) and vanillin. Carefully, it is better the blender, we pound the turned-out mix to homogeneous mass.

5. We throw back poppy on a sieve, then we pound it with sugar.

6. After that we beat the mixer whites to firm peaks and we add 2 tablespoons to poppy. Accurately from top to down we implicate the remained proteins in curds.

7. Time “to collect“ a cheesecake came. We spread a half of curds on a ready cake layer. From above raspredelyaemmak. The layer should not reach form boards approximately on 1 cm. We put the top layer of weight at first along boards, and then in the center of a form.

8. We send our cheesecake to the oven warmed to 180 - 200 degrees. We bake about about an hour. A brown surface of a cheesecake - a sign of its readiness. I want to note that in the course of baking the cheesecake will strongly rise. But as soon as you will get it from an oven, it will at once fall down. You do not hurry to be upset, it will not affect taste and quality of a delicacy.

9. We will prepare glaze. At once I will tell that among a variety of recipes there are glazes this - my darling. In - the first, it is tasty; in - the second, very simple. So, we take a chocolate bar and it is kindled on a water bath. We add sour cream, we stir and … glaze is ready.

10. We water with glaze a hot cheesecake, we cool and we put for the night in the refrigerator. I beg, do not try it hot, you will only spoil impression of this miracle! Let`s a cheesecake stand in cold at least hours five.

Weld a cup of fragrant coffee in the morning and enjoy this wonderful gift of Galichina. I am sure that put, begun with such breakfast, it will be obligatory successful.