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Fantasy “Someone else`s nation“. What newcomer does not dream to become a detective?

last century the directors who wished to bungle the movie in a fantastic genre were limited not to the imagination, but technical progress. In a century present, alas, the return picture, but not in it an essence is observed. Only units, like James Cameron (“Terminator“, “Strangers“) or George Lucas (“Star wars“), were able to afford the full-scale blockbuster on the set subject.

the Rest had to get out, coil and hope for skill of make-up artists and stuntmen because computer technologies were in embryo.

For the same reason many low budget fantastic tapes 20 - 30 - summer prescription are perceived by today`s spoiled viewer as object of nostalgia, no more. Nevertheless just as old 8 - bit toys surpass present superfancy graphic actions in a gameplay, and the fantasy 80 - x in respect of the scenario and semantic loading looks much more attractively, than the majority of blockbusters zero. There are a lot of examples - this time we will talk about Graham Baker`s picture “Someone else`s nation“ of a sample of 1988.

… In a year 1991 - m, somewhere in sand of North American Mojave Desert the plate chock-full filled by the unfortunate newcomers who ran away from the slave planet landed. Kind Americans (read - people of Earth), being guided by democracy precepts, provided to the former slaves a shelter, social privileges and the equal rights. Space guests did not fail to take advantage of the offer and quickly located in the friendly foreign land. By itself, not all aboriginals are glad to new neighbors therefore the last prefer to live in own ghetto though the level of development of their civilization allows newcomers to master new knowledge and skills much quicker.

Not all aliens arrived to Earth with good intentions. Having taken hospitality of inhabitants of the blue planet for weakness, they began to create a shady business, however, besides within the community. During one of such backward dismantling the faithful workmate of the police sergeant Sykes perishes. The cop, and earlier disliking “come in large numbers in not rubber“, okrysitsya absolutely. And here still the administration suggested it to take in workmates of one of hated to them strangers - the detective Sam Frantsisko. However, having overcome the anger, Sykes understands that only together with Sam which he for convenience calls George it will be able to find the murderer of the colleague. Together newly made workmates are accepted to investigation during which they should understand better each other and, maybe, to become true friends … it reminds nothing

to you? Correctly, “Someone else`s nation“ (though he openly also does not recognize it) inspired the young South African director Neil Blomkamp debuting in big cinema the fantastic picture “Area No. 9“ (2009). Only Blomkamp, certainly, used all delights of constantly progressing film technologies in addition notably flavored the opus with evil social satire and elements of the drama while less gifted Graham Baker just shtampanut commercially successful clone. It is asked, than was guided and from where the beginning screenwriter of series “Twilight Zone“ Rokni S. O`Bennon scooped ideas? And it is any not secret too - one year prior to an exit of “Someone else`s nation“ in hire of America the megahit, the police fighter of Richard Donner “The deadly weapon“ died down. The author needed only to shift focus, to add the sci elements - fi and to change the Black for the alien.

And all - it is possible to call this tape an example of successful copying surely. Other director will take a good idea and everything will defile, but Baker managed to treat others practices with respect, and therefore his low budget opus managed not only to receive good critical comments, but also to collect more - less worthy sum in hire. Following the results of 1988 “Someone else`s nation“ occupies 41 - e the place in the list of the most cash tapes, having overtaken on gatherings of more ambitious and expensive competitors on a genre - sequels “the Cocoon 2: Return“ and “Short circuit 2“. Plus to everything Baker`s creation was nominated for the prestigious profile award “Saturn“ handed by Academy of science fiction, a fantasy and horror films since 1972 and won in 1990 - m the first prize (in 1989 the ceremony did not take place).

Authors of the movie calculated everything correctly. Having united on the screen two popular genres, buddy - movie (cinema about workmates) and a fantasy, they are prishibl with one blow two segments of target audience. One went to look at how authors exercised the wit to introduce aliens in the police detective story, and others enjoyed sword-plays of two “the compelled companions“ and the general morals about a mutual attraction of contrasts. The scenario does not shine with unexpected turns and an intrigue, and the ending miscalculates from first minutes, but in that is that and a charm of similar artless movie theaters - the good from time immemorial overcomes the evil in any forms, is effective also with humour.

Baker is not the beginner at cinema at all. By the time of shootings of “Someone else`s nation“ he already managed to remove a quite good atmospheric horror film “Impulse“, and also put the fat end to the trilogy about coming of Antichrist - his feather possesses “The last conflict“, final part of “Omen“. But even his experience would not help, be not put to it other, much more eminent film figure. It is about the famous creator of special effects Stan Winston whose team worked on creation of shape of newcomers. Winston who earlier laid a hand to success “Something“ and “The person from a star“, treated a task seriously.

In spite of the fact that all newcomers in the movie are typical humanoids with two hands and legs, meyk - ap it turned out excellent and very plausible. In many respects thanking “Someone else`s nation“ Winston came to essentially new level of skill a bit later and Terminator 2 was invited by James Cameron for participation in the well-known sequel “: Doomsday“. By the way, it is rumored that Cameron introduced amendments in the scenario of “Someone else`s nation“, but his name is not mentioned in credits.

The leading role of the rested and eternally dissatisfied police officer Sykes was played by James Kaan. The actor before experience in a fantasy had no, but quite often participated in movies of action, like “Elite of murderers“. The star of “Godfather“ (Sonni), Kaan accurately professes a traditional template of the cool cop which has no family, the house - a peasant house, and on mind only one work at which he lives and if it is necessary, is ready to die. Well than not Martin Riggs from already mentioned “Deadly weapon“. Its complete antithesis - good-natured “stranger“ Sam Frantsisko (all aliens according to the movie have the amusing surnames “hired“ at names of the cities or names of really existing people), the family man, the ranking officer and the workaholic. And again the parallel with Danny Glover`s character does not seem casual. However, behind a continuous mask a face of the actor Mandy Patinkina is guessed hardly, as well as the identity of Terence Stemp who played an alien glavgad of William Harkort. Thank God, the qualitative make-up does not prevent the first to be amusing, and to the second - ominous.

The most interesting that “Someone else`s nation“ became the ancestor of the long-playing franchize and even short, during one season, but very popular TV series. From 1994 to 1997 with the same characters it was removed on television of the whole five movies. However, all of them are almost unknown to our viewer. As was to be shown - good ideas do not vanish in anywhere, and continue to live life, inspiring on creativity all new and new figures from motion picture art.