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How to dress the child on walk without tears? Every day becomes colder than a note of young mother of

On the street, and along with this it is harder and harder for many mummies to bring together the child on walk. All children like to walk for certain. But here to put on … Especially in bulky and inconvenient overalls and jackets, warm tights and woolen jackets.

Every day at a playground I hear stories in which descriptions of tears and hysterics of sons and daughters appear from familiar mothers. Kids resist in attempt to dress on them the next polo-neck and panties. And when business reaches a cap, thanks to shout all house knows that such - the baby is going to the street. The child howls, mother is already ready to present him with a slap on a bottom if only calmed down rather and did not escape from hands. And walk on snow-covered park or in the yard already to anybody not in pleasure.

In a waiting time of the daughter, having seen enough of tortures of the sister in attempt to dress malyshnyu, that is my nephews, I decided to approach this question with all responsibility. I will share the supervision and brief parental experience in this question. More precisely, several receptions much facilitating clothing process. These councils are not universal, all children different, but I hope that some of them for certain will be useful to other parents.

The very first and obligatory rule is since evening to prepare clothes for walk , the and the child. Of course, taking into account a weather forecast. If you doubt, it is possible to prepare two sets - for warmer weather and for frosty. I guarantee, this small preparation will save invaluable minutes and, undoubtedly, mother`s nerves. It is not necessary to search for suitable panties and polo-necks on all apartment, in parallel playing a game of tag with the kid. According to stories of familiar mummies whether often process of search of clothes and clothing of the child takes slightly no more time, than walk. At many of them the situation looks approximately so: mother - angry on themselves, the child and for the whole world, the kid - sobbing and smearing on tear cheeks, sadly go on the street. What advantage of such walk?

The second secret is since the birth to accustom to the child to clothing process . At first sight, nothing new and surprising, I it will peddle old stuff. The main cunning - to carry away the kid . The simplest is to comment on the actions by unpretentious rhymes of own composition. I, for example, tell the child such:

We will put on
walk to our little rascal
very nice (blue, pink etc.)
a romper suit - panties.


The lassie
I will put on a hat a head.

The daughter
in woolen socks will not freeze.

Small legs
will be put by us in boots.

A zayushka
we will put on mittens palms.

So from the smallest age the child already knows that happens to it, at the same time easily and easy learns names of articles of clothing and parts of a body, gets acquainted with flowers and shades. And process of clothing for it becomes game. And the kid himself tries to participate in clothing actively. For example, in five months the daughter herself pushed handles with my small help in sleeves of a t-shirt or jacket, months in 10 was able to remove and put on socks, in a year - shorts, and in one and a half already mastered tights resistant before.

When the child begins to creep and go, clothing of a diaper becomes one more big problem for mothers - the child all the time tries to evade, creep away and escape, stirs legs, and only the most dexterous mother manages to clasp flypapers on such small spinning top on light. I in this situation for myself found such solution: I give in hands to the daughter some subject - a toy, a hairbrush or that is near. While she distracts, considering a thing, new to it, I manage both to pull a diaper, and tights with trousers.

Sometimes, of course, and my daughter can razbalovatsya and tries to play with mother in “catch up with me“ and “try catch“. Then I give up all attempts to dress it and I begin to do another household chores. Which at young mother an infinite set. The mood to run away vanishes at the child usually on the fifth, sometimes in the tenth minute. As a result we receive several pluses: the child already himself wants to put on and is ready to go for walk, and mother spends time with advantage. By this time I manage to wash up ware, to sweep the floor or to clean vegetables for preparation of a lunch and a dinner.

One more rule which we with the daughter strictly carry out directly does not belong to the process of clothing. It is cleaning of toys and unfolding of things in places . At the same time energy of the baby goes to the peace course. Many will call it waste of time as the child after walk all the same will scatter them. But for me it became much more pleasant to come from walk to the apartment, but not to the room similar to the destroyed by bombing warehouse which is filled up with things and toys.

I will share “opening“. Sometimes the unwillingness of the child to put on speaks simply - the little dandy or the woman of fashion does not like any subject of clothes. Give to the kid the chance to choose, for example: “We will put on a green or yellow T-shirt what hat you want, with the hare or with a bear?“ Consult on it. Let will feel the importance and “maturity“. The main thing, is obligatory to offer clothes, suitable for this weather.

Happen, however, but very seldom, such days when any of above-mentioned councils does not help me and the child well cannot be torn off from favourite toys in any way and to collect on the street. On this case we just without tears and hysterics … stay at home. The mode, of course, a thing good and for mothers with children sometimes even very obligatory, but sometimes it is possible it and to break. But after that about the following walk the daughter already reminds itself, and we put on in only a few minutes.