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Whether it is possible to grow thin and become healthier at the same time? The ode to millet cereal

After long oblivion in a family revived tradition of preparation of porridges for breakfast recently. And there was it after the girlfriend who grew thin, looked younger, got prettier - we did not see each other more than half a year - told that from - for financial problems four months fed the men with porridges. Porridges got accustomed and now, in safe time, take the worthy place on a table.

were not believed? And I too first did not trust, but proofs were obvious and force of intention from it increased incredibly therefore tried all types of porridges and for the family revealed that the most magic porridge turns out from millet.

In - the first, on flavoring and power properties it is good so that, it is dense it having had breakfast, till a dinner do not hunger.

In - the second, it is good sweet, fresh and salty - it is perfectly combined with vegetables and fruit, with meat and greens. We train her in sweet option in various combinations to pumpkin (vegetable marrow), apples, bananas, dried fruits, ginger, corn grits, seasoning with cinnamon and a nutmeg. I try not to add milk. In salty option well it turns out with chicken, greens.

In - the third, millet - the champion on composition of vitamins, minerals, existence of a large amount of cellulose. All this wealth very positively influences an organism. What we from it have? Digestion process improves, unnecessary products of a metabolism, including from reception of medicines, antibiotics are quicker removed. Also improvement of a condition of heart, skin, a hair, nails is absolutely predictable. Open any article about millet and you will find the mass of poleznost.

I was convinced of it repeatedly. After holiday Swedish feasts, New Year`s holidays and other table actions the organism needs good cleaning. And millet cereal moreover in combination with corn - the best means. It is not enough starches, it is a lot of carbohydrates - value unsurpassed, gives energy and helps digestion. It is enough to keep week to a tasty millet diet and it is possible to register in astronauts.

Were convinced that millet cereal is a Porridge of porridges? So let`s prepare it! Only upon grain purchase surely look at date of packing. At millet there are oils which quickly are oxidized, giving to grain rancidity. Therefore millet longer 3 - x should not be stored months.

We take 1 glass of grain.

Ratio: on 1 glass of grain - 4 glasses of liquid.

We wash millet to clear water, fraying hands, in two - three waters.

And now on mood we add grated pumpkin, the washed-out raisin, cinnamon, it is a little bran, and slightly - slightly salts and we fill in sugar with a necessary amount of water. Of course, without sugar it would be more useful, but not all members of household are ready to it. Also it is necessary to make a compromise. If porridge is unsweetened, sugar in a plate it will be necessary as much how many porridge - and it is not useful at all.

It is expedient to make it since evening that to morning of a croup inflated. And in the morning, having got up, include a ring on average power. Fragrant porridge slowly will begin to boil, and, having lowered power, let`s it potomitsya to full readiness of minutes 20 - 25. Just for the period of commission of morning hygienic procedures.

If you do not represent some porridge without milk, from part of the liquid which is filled in since evening, keep the desirable volume of milk. Add it in 5 minutes prior to readiness.

Oil you will not spoil porridge, but growing thin it is possible not to butter. Though has to recognize that with oil, especially correctly melted, with a smell of nuts - about - about - about - about - it is very tasty.

And it is interesting, how to prepare a pshenka with chicken ? Perfectly will be suitable for the lunch or fished dish!

We take an utyatnitsa or other ware with a thick bottom for an oven. We grease a bottom with a small amount of oil. If ware walls not burning, it is possible to do without oil. We wash out millet, we put on a bottom (it is possible in half with corn grits), we pepper, we add spice: a marjoram, seeds of fennel and others to your taste. We add liquid in the ratio 1:4. If there is a brine from tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetable marrows - will take it instead of water or with water addition (depends on fortress)! And only after that we decide - to salt or not to salt. I want to warn that I do not mean acetic fillings from shop which even to smell harmfully! Only naturprodukt the production or the grandmother from the market. Oil can be not added - hens fat now.

We undress chicken for the portion, we salt, we pepper, we display from above in the filled-in grain. For ornament from above we put halves a cherry pomidorok. Now we close a cover and we put in an oven. To start 190 degrees there will be it. In 20 minutes we reduce temperature to 150 degrees. We allow to potomitsya half an hour. Then we open a cover and that the crust appeared, for 10 minutes we increase temperature to initial, we include having blown.

You feel what aroma proceeds? Suffer 10 minutes, take out from an oven and rather all at a table. The Vkusnotishcha is unusual!...

In former times millet cereal was forbidden “yazvennik“ - people with diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path in any period of a disease. Fresh researches show that millet softly influences on mucous a gastrointestinal tract therefore only the open ulcer can become restriction.

If to prepare millet two times a week (it is possible to repeat more often and never), then you will feel result already in few weeks.

Appetite pleasant to you and excellent health!