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Local history Fir-tree - 2013. What is amateur history?

the City of Lomonosov - the city of military glory. The city of Oranienbaum - still live, real history, the wooden and stone chronicle of great events, researches, opening and a special, difficult way of the state Russian. Rambov - the city of masters. And all together - it we are today`s: fussy, all in problems from breakage of a water supply system and viruses of flu before quantum transition …

But nevertheless we - special. At least, we cannot but remind ourselves, the city and all around that Oranienbaum is a place surprising, sensitive, magic. We remind of it lectures in Museum of local lore, the used-up Spyridon of Trimythous`s obuvka, stories about how where and that was earlier, experiences about injustice of today … well and the craft, of course. We - draw, we drag, we sew and we knit - with love to the city and about the city. And when temperature of freezing of water reminds us of pure snow and the most fantastic holiday, we think out … Local history Fir-tree!

the Smell of needles, tangerines and … wool

our craft is inseparable

from a holiday. Because most often when people want a cosiness, the real holiday and a sincere gift, they address everything that is made manually. Well and of course, in a single copy - in a different way be also not interrogated! And on the eve of New year we wanted the present, sincere and, imagine, a useful holiday for all. Also was: a craft bench “the Rambovsky souvenir“ and ladies` club “Rambovsky Mistresses“ started the project, unique in own way. We are even sure that we could become champions of Russia and what there, the Guinness Books of Records - but at us are affairs more important. We prepare for the Local history Fir-tree: from December 22 to January 14 you will be able to see it in the Erkerny hall of Museum of local lore of. Oranienbaum . Our Fir-tree will be decorated 200 - mi with handwork toys from wool. Why fir-tree local history? Because you (you remember, how in the childhood, together with the heroine Shchelkunchika?) you will be able to travel … around the Fir-tree, to be exact, on stories of our city - each toy means something, related. On the Fir-tree you will see Mosin`s rifle and the Paylot ice breaker, legendary “Aurora“ and La - 5 Kostylev, you will find the Borodino bread, city gate, doors of cars of the KMT enterprise and the device of the first Russian payphone there, will admire a teapot tea sobriety societies, opened in 1909 - m to year, and a bottle of the Orange lemonade … A fir-tree - excursion? Yes!

History - boils!

our diligent skilled workers unite in ladies` club “Rambovsky Mistresses“ - now it is located in one room with a shop “the Rambovsky souvenir“ - on Manezhny descent, Eleninskaya Street, 4. On an entrance to a shop there is a box with toys for the Local history Fir-tree, and on a slate board over it counting of days about New year and quantity of toys is conducted. With assistance of the director of Museum of local lore Yulia Valeryevna Kuchuk and the deputy of municipal council, the local historian Vladimir Vasilyevich Zhuravlyov work on drawing up the list of toys is carried out. However, work does not stop because residents constantly remember something else … and it “still“ turns into an image on a ribbon. Needlewomen of our city study the list and make toys - and each of them will be able to explain why the element of the table of Mendeleyev, a grand piano and F. Lepikh`s balloon …

in 12 will hang on December 22 on the Fir-tree. 00 children and grandsons of our skilled workers will decorate the Christmas tree in the Erkerny hall of Museum of local lore of Oranienbaum, on Eleninskaya St., 25. And you will be able to study history of our edge up to 14 - go January. The fir-tree will become a peculiar center of a Christmas and New Year`s exposition of Museum of local lore: The Erkerny hall is decorated by unique ancient photos about celebration of the most magic holiday in a year... in very far years.

We advise you to choose time, the benefit vacation, as usual, will be long and to visit our most historical and warmest New Year tree. And, by the way, we want to remind that Oranienbaum Russian is not somewhere there, in the Leningrad region, and in 30 - ti minutes on ring road from the center of St. Petersburg. And if by an electric train from the Baltic station - 50 minutes. Sometimes, that in the center we spend much more time to reach from point A point where it is necessary to us.

We wait for you - come and come! And to inhabitants of Lomonosov a separate appeal: help us to knit and drag toys, become history - the door is open! There is more: history only begins.

It is quite possible that soon, at the next leading of calendar or just festive results, we will connect a toy and about you as the collection of toys will remain in Museum of local lore and will begin the independent life, but about it... sometime.

If there are questions, visit a page VKontakte: “A local history Fir-tree - 2013“. With coming warm year!