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Whether it is worth sending the child to other country according to the program of an exchange of pupils?

Many set before themselves the purpose - to master foreign languages. Language skills promises a huge number of opportunities presently. However, having begun training, after a while the person understands that remembering words, reading texts and training in grammar, to master language rather difficult. to

needs communication with native speakers - it is, as we know, the most certain way of overcoming of a language barrier. Certainly, it is possible to look communication with foreigners on the Internet, but absolutely few from them will show willingness to help you to learn language.

Trying to learn foreign, many try a set of methods, but stop most often on stay in the language environment. Tours, as a rule, stand considerable funds. An opportunity to ship the child outward with the minimum expenses is given to pupils of the different countries by language programs of the international exchange.

The part of a trip and the program is paid with a family in which there live children. The essence of these programs is that the child from one country is sent to another where he gets acquainted with culture, traditions, customs and, certainly, learns language. As a rule, the school student is sent to a foreign family which takes the obligation to accept the child and concerns to him, as to native.

Rules of many programs seem very rigid, and it frightens off many parents. A widespread condition is the following requirement: the guest family has to take away from the child the mobile phone, the laptop and other means of communication with his family and friends. It becomes in order that the pupil completely joined on Wednesday and did not call everyone half an hour to mother with the father, complaining and tearfully asking home. Many families do not consider it necessary to take away phone from the child, but there are also very basic.

It is heavy to get on in others family to children who before participation in an exchange of pupils never far left from parents. Even if children assure that it at all not so. To whatever remarkable family the child got, it will be rather heavy to get used to it, especially - all speak other language.

Frightens many that the program of an exchange of pupils obliges a family which child went abroad, to receive then children from a foreign family in the house. But it is not obligatory, exist as well unilateral programs of an exchange.

For certain many reflect why it needs to be taken a foreign family of foreign child moreover and to pay for his accommodation. Sometimes it is families which have no children, and they want to feel how it to be parents. More often it is parents who want to expand knowledge of own children of the world and to teach them to tolerance.

Some learn Russian and want to improve the knowledge, but do not want to go to our country at all. Some want to help residents of other country to learn their language. Happens that the people playing sports or a vocal want to learn about the hobby more, but from foreigners.

It is impossible to guess to what family there will arrive a school student, those at whom there will live the child, it is impossible to choose. On the contrary - the foreign family chooses whom to invite on a visit, under the completed questionnaires. Often happens that foreign pupils come to families where there are children with a Down syndrome. It is necessary to have it in a look and normally to treat it.

Before deciding to ship the child according to the program of an exchange outward, it is necessary to weigh all pluses and minuses. If you are not sure whether it is worth going, then it is possible to participate in the program of an exchange of pupils lasting only 7 days. And after this trip to solve, whether your child should go to longer time.

It is a remarkable opportunity to look how there live people outside your state, to learn a set of new interesting customs and it is just fascinating to spend time. All unpleasant moments are very quickly forgotten, and the knowledge of language and the sea of pleasant impressions - remains.