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Who such “Wild geese“?

the Answer to the question posed, at first sight, more than is simple - birds such, primogenitors of guinea gooses. But not everything is so simple...

All of us from a school bench remember that Great Britain consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. And if the commonwealth of England and Wales always was more - less steady, then here Scotland and Ireland constantly fought for the freedom and an autonomy.

In 1688 on the British Isles William of Orange - the Dutch prince who is secretly invited by the English Protestant aristocracy landed. The king James II Stewart was forced to run to France. In Great Britain the “war of two kings“ which once again split the country began. British were William of Orange`s supporters, Catholic Ireland and Scotland supported James II.

From 1688 to 1891 desperate battles were conducted. So, world military history was become by a siege of Londonderry when to Catholics, led by James II who arrived to Ireland from 6000 French soldiers it was succeeded to defend the main settlements in Ireland, and only the small group of Protestants in Londonderry held the fort for a long time. On July 1, 1690, after fight on river banks Boyn, William of Orange`s troops entered Dublin. After that James II ran to France again, having left the management of the troops to the French generals.

This act exerted not the most beneficial effect on fighting spirit of his supporters, and on September 23, 1691, the Irish army besieged in the city of Limerick was given. Terms of the contract about capitulation provided dissolution of the Irish army. Soldiers had to swear to William of Orange. Refused was permitted to leave freely Ireland and to sail to the monarch to France.

So, in 1691, without wishing to swear to the new king of England, more than 14000 Irish soldiers sailed to coast of France. With them the native earth was left also by their families. Now it is not absolutely clear, whether emigrants called themselves “wild geese“ - Wild Geese, whether the stayed at home compatriots gave this name to them, but anyway - the name was fixed, and today the phrase “Wild Geese“ is the official name of the Irish diaspora in the world.

Later “wild geese“ began to call all Irish mercenaries battling for foreign states. So, for example, in France, shortly before Great French revolution, from “wild geese“ “The Irish crew“ under Patrick Sarsfild`s command was created.

The emigrants, strangers everywhere deprived of the native earth - all of them managed to leave a considerable mark in the history. So, according to different data, “the cognac king“ Richard Henessi, the leader of the Cuban revolution Che Guevara, the French general Charles de Gaulle, the U.S. President John F. Kennedy and many others were descendants of “wild geese“.

But all - - why “Wild geese“? Every year packs of wild birds direct on ways of migration, overcome thousands of kilometers. But every year come back, home. Who knows, maybe, dream to come back home - through time, having overcome many and many difficulties - and is concluded in this name. If not geese, then their descendants - surely see native coast.