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What small animals “both hurry to live, and hurry to feel“?

If suddenly visit you sad thoughts on “As Life Quickly Flows“, I suggest that hour to turn a look on group of small animals under the name “shrews“. Here whom the nature deprived so deprived - both growth, and life.

the smallest mammal of our planet - a dwarfish belozubka (Suncus etruscus) treats shrews. Length of her body is no more than matchbox, and weight only one - one and a half grams.
However, occur among this trifle amazingly permanent creations. For example, the Ugandan belozubka by nickname “bronenosk“ has so cunning and all right the cut-out skeleton that it is capable to sustain the adult`s weight. For it Africans bronenosok respect and carry their skeletons as the amulets which are allegedly giving invulnerability.

Though externally shrews are similar on mice, they have no relation to rodents. They are ranked to insectivorous (together with hedgehogs, moles, muskrats), and lately at all allocated in separate group (but with it constantly such confusion that you should not go deep). Scientists consider that beings, similar to shrews, became ancestors of placentary mammals (that is, practically, all except for yaytsekladushchy and marsupials).

Despite origin antiquity, life of separately taken shrew it is very short - seldom which of them lives longer than 18 months. And it is necessary to be in time so much! Therefore life at a shrew though short, but very saturated. If we agree to consider for days time from awakening to falling asleep, then at small shrews of such days in 24 hours more than 70 collect - ti. Day and night to them aside - they live underground, see badly and in search of food are guided by a long nose and a sensitive scent.

In search of food almost all time, free from a dream, proceeds. Their organism functions in accelerated too. To support such metabolism, the shrew should eat in day of any worms, larvae and other underground living creatures are 2 - 4 times more, than she weighs. If the small animal is not supported in time, then in 7 - 9 hours will cast away pads.

Except a dream and food it is necessary to find time and for reproduction, of course. Usually for life they do it two times - three, pregnancy lasts 13 - 28 days and (on darkness more precisely) is born 6 - 8 (at most 14) cubs. By the way, it is possible to answer the cunning question “Which of Small Animals More Small than a Dwarfish Belozubka?“ precisely that it is cubs of a dwarfish belozubka.

It is clear, that children quickly mature and a month later can begin independent food and sex life. But before they from the mother - on a step. So, at belozubok the female drags all brood in the form of such “engine“ - everyone clings teeth to a hip going ahead.

It is worth mentioning two strangenesses of shrews. In - the first, saliva of one of types - a korotkokhvosty common shrew - is poisonous (for the person not fatally, but the hand can decently swell up). Virulence at mammals - a big rarity (it is possible to remember unless a duck-bill with the echidna and relatives of shrews - shchelezub).

The second strangeness has no analogs at all. Scientists found out that by winter a cranium of shrews... decreases, and together with it also the brain “dries out“! By spring “umishche“ of shrews it is restored in former volume. Why to the nature to joke with such important body as a brain, to zoologists unclear still.

In cultural human life these remarkable beings do not play a special role - will not tell tales of them, about them will not sing not songs. Exceptions are single, like old idiotic “film horror film“ “Shrews - murderers“ - so boring that there is even no place to laugh.

And the best-known shrew is sung by Rudyard Kipling though that she - a shrew - very few people guess. This is the heroine of the fairy tale “Ricky - Tiki - Tavi“ - timid Chuchundra whom Indians, unfamiliar with zoological systematization, nicknamed a musky rat.

Actually she is not “rat“, and a musky shrew. It smells really sharply that no swine ate it. At the same time Indians love it and from the buildings do not drive, Chuchundra with appetite, characteristic of shrews, devour cockroaches and scorpions - neighbors much more unpleasant.