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How it is interesting to spend Wednesday evening on November 14?

When at my concerts asked me earlier what I began with as came to the author`s song, I answered differently, tried to remember some concrete facts from the not really rich creative biography. The main thing in this question - not to confuse the issue and to answer most sincerely. Important of course, at the same time to have a way with words, or communication gift (that not same) that not only you could understand your sincerity, but also somebody else. Now I I would answer a question of what induced me to step with the songs on the stage so. In school days an exit to a board was for me a big stress, and I needed many years to overcome fear of public statements. By the way, so still also did not overcome. And so, if earlier I suffered from an inferiority complex, then at some moment to it the megalomania increased. This cocktail mixed up in me, and thanks to it I began to take out the songs on court of public. But all this is the general words though, believe, sincere. And if is slightly more concrete, then earlier I considered that I have very good hearing. Possibly and was, and only then I learned that the ear for music can change over time. When I already wrote verses, but did not sing them yet, televised Bulat Okudzhava`s interview where he said that he long time knew only five chords and cost these, and recently showed it two more. It is necessary to tell that Bulat Okudzhava thinly owned rare gift of self-irony, and I drew a conclusion from his words that if Okudzhava... I will be able to sing that in public too. Very much the example of my companion and schoolmate Yura Kulikov influenced me. This is very interesting person in itself, the researcher, the inventor and the thinker. To leaving school he wrote already several honeycombs of poems, executed many of which to the guitar, though is nonprofessional. I wanted too, and there were I to it long enough, can be even too... The event of fall of 1997 when I sat in kitchen was a turning point in the creativity, touched guitar strings, and suddenly by itself on the untuned guitar there was a song “You Are Weighed on Scales“. To sing the verses to the guitar, and I tried to record them with the cassette tape recorder earlier, but it was impossible to listen to it on the sober head. And fall of 1997 at me what was pleasant to me turned out, and I quickly set to music all the verses. Probably, it was the moment when I had very good ear for music. Further so happened not always. By the way, summer of 1997 this world was left by Bulat Okudzhava, and I am convinced that accidents do not happen... Well, I decided that I have to continue business to which Okudzhava devoted big a life chat. Besides, nobody except it, I knew A. Dolsky and A. Vizbor then did not want to know. With Dolsky special history. When in 1984 I heard a plate the Leningrad water colors, it to me, generally was pleasant, no more than that. But visit of a concert of Dolsky at movie theater Warsaw in the fall (again fall!) 1984 was a shock! I hammered to myself even not into the head, and into the heart that I have to be engaged in the same over time. Further I seriously and for a long time turned from the planned way, and wasted for nothing a lot of time instead of learning to sing and seize a guitar. Data, except I will repeat, I had no good ear for music any. Constraint and a zakreposhchennost, full inability to own the voice, any communications with “the necessary people“ and very limited stock of own verses. In a word, began to be engaged in it without thanking, and contrary to. Scientists proved that the fear of public statements is even stronger, than fear of height, and arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Each my concert - overcoming of this fear, and very much I am helped with it by you, my audience. The first time I stepped on the stage of “the Wood-grouse Nest“ in January, 2006. The world of an author`s song appeared mnogograny and more difficult, than I imagined, but about it another time. To be continued.