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Hobby of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, yu - humour

Hobby influences ingenuity and installation of the opinion
works the person the child the pupil helps it has to is necessary to impart souls depends it is necessary to entice it is necessary to disaccustom will get rid pleasant useful harmful dangerous strong passionate to be engaged value definition harm advantage of the reason

zd Hobby - a hobby, interest as a hobby.
vd the Main goal of hobby has to be improvement of a body and soul.
vp Hobby has to be under control to conscience.
zd Useful hobby - takes away from sins, defects, temptations, addictions …
to the Person without hobby - that a fire without wind.
to Life without hobby - that sandwich without oil.
zp Hobby depends on a spiritual and moral condition of the person, natural inclinations, living conditions …
of the personal computer Hobby seizes the person - if he is not self-controlled.
of the personal computer the Best hobby - work.
and Any occupation can be turned into art.
and Hobby - does life brighter and fascinating.
and Hobby increase interest in life.
vpl It is impossible to be given on the present to hobby - after badly made work.
zd Hobby - calms mentality.
zd Often getting new hobby, we regret that we did not open it earlier, we strongly recommend it to others - but over time with bitterness and shame to it we cool down and is invisible in it need and interest.
pz Hobby saves lives from aimlessness. zdp Hobby helps
, transfers adversities, loneliness, an old age … z If at the man the ardent love to the bride after marriage is replaced by
with hobby - the mistress is not necessary to it.
p Hobby - the enemy of inaction.
and Sometimes, it is even a shame to remember - what once was engaged in.
and Hobby - can strongly change the person and his life.
to Hobby - the guarantor of good mood.
d Hobby - one of happiness components.
zdp Hobby helps the person to develop, enjoy life, to brighten up leisure …
pv can Have hobby and it is necessary - it is not necessary to bring to dependence on it.
p often minor puts Hobby on the first place, and
the main thing at the same time suffers.
pz Hobby can deprive of the person of health, prosperity, a family …
vp Before getting hobby - learn opinion on it of those who have it.
p Hobby has to develop mind of the person, but not disconnect and the more so to dull. p Take your time new hobby - to accept
in seriousness.
zd To what suddenly became hobby - the person can grow cold suddenly.
zdp Than legkomyslenny more impetuously than people belongs to new hobby - that taste bitter a deposit more shame when it passes.
d Hobby - the bridge fortunately.
zd Hobby is capable to prolong life.
and Hobby can make week-day a holiday.
and Keen on hobby - diseases does not notice.
p Whatever hobbies captured the person, he has to care for maintenance of full value of life.
in Keen on hobby - does not think of prosperity.
in Hobby increases working capacity.
and Hobby on the one hand helps to transfer diseases - with another distracts from care about health.
p is afraid of Hobby melancholy. p If the number of hobbies to increase
, loss of some of them will be not so painful.
p Keen on hobby - once mourns.
p Hobby - broadens horizons.
p Hobby - fatigue does not admit.
zd Hobby - brings positive emotions.
to What person - such and hobbies.
zd Hobby - takes away from sad thoughts.
zd does not know Hobby - what it is age.
zd Hobby - becomes frequent a field of activity.
p Combination of hobby and a profession - is desirable.
in the Hobby turned into a profession - can make the person happy.
z Hobby is many-sided - it can be in the sphere of creativity, a collecting, active recreation …
p in search of hobby - first of all should listen to soul.
zd Thirst for hobby often vanishes.
z To hobby most strongly pulls after unloved work.
z Fast transition from hobby to unpleasant business - reduces depression of
z If the person from hobby tries to gain income - it turns into work. p do not allow
that hobby - caused haste and vanity.
p Hobby should not dominate over the person.
z the Hobby which is bringing in the income is never able to allow the person to work.
p z distracts Hobby from sexual concern.
and If the person has a hobby - any more you will not call it unfortunate.
kp That to the person will turn up - that it and will be engaged.
zd Bigger hobby subordinates to itself smaller.
zd Hobby - obscures reason.
zd Hobby - blinds.
zd Hobby - excites.
z intensifies Hobby the person - releasing energy from a reserve.
z That an organism did not weaken and excessively did not wear out - the nature, as a rule, does not allow the person to be fond of something is long.
p Hobby prevents to estimate a situation soberly.
p Is very strong something being engaged, we lose all the rest.
z Hobby dulls requirements including negative.
pz strongly being engaged in Something, the person weakens control over the actions.
z Hobby takes away the person from relatives, argues with a self-preservation instinct.
and Hobby turn life into a holiday.
and Hobby visits more often than full.
to Hobby - derivative desires.
d Behind hobby - is not visible to gloomy reality.
d Hobby distracts from a difficult life.
and Hobby is similar to the owner.
zd the hobby Choice - depends on age.
pv It is necessary to be engaged in that - that approves reason.
p Hobby has to correspond to age, sex, financial position …
z Hobby take away freedom.
and Hobby - the best remedy for laziness.
pl Hobby can be anything - but only not inaction.
vd Hobby should not increase those loadings from which the person should have a rest.
and Hobby is extinguished - satiation.
and Hobby is reflected in appearance of the person. p Hobby haste and vanity are capable to ruin
p the Person has to be engaged constantly in replacement of useless hobbies - useful.
d Hobby influences character of the person.
p From the hobbies closing themselves a family and the nature - is more than harm.
zp The hobby is closer to the nature - the better.
pzd the Civilization generated a set of unnecessary and vicious occupations.
d Hobby - is generated by desire, work - need.
and Hobby eclipse need for food, a dream … and Through hobby of people can reach
bigger - than through will.
and Through hobby it is possible to seize the person.
and Hobby pushes everything the background.
to Hobby - anesthetic.
zd Keen on hobby forgets as about sincere, and corporal wounds.
to Keen on hobby does not leave pleasure.
zd Hobby - brings pleasure.
zpv Hobby is capable to distract the person from care of itself and relatives.
zpv Hobby should not be excessive.
to Hobby - an illness.
p do not allow hobby - to block thinking.
zp Keen on hobby - loses control over time.
zd turns Hobby of loading into pleasure.
zd Hobby amplifies passion.
zd For the person it is peculiar to cool down to the hobbies over time.
zd Hobby is extinguished by requirement to a variety.
zd Hobby - is often deceptive.
d Hobby deprives of the person of rest.
and Hobby to one in power to make the person happy.
pv harmful inclinations neutralizes Growth of spirituality and morality.
z the Hobby turned into a profession becomes favourite work. p it is less relaxed to
to carry out Change of a profession, checking new activity as hobby.
to the Excessive inclination - causes satiation.
pzv the Strong inclination breaks full value of life.
pzv to Hobby in power to take away the person from a family.
pzv Hobby can muffle even the main instincts.
z to Hobby in power to weaken even love. yu From that what we want to be fond of
- some cannot get rid.
yu is good that not all hobbies are available to the person - he would do it!
yu Hobby - a madness shadow.
yu Hobby relieves the person of a somnolence.
yu choose the Profession - as the wife, hobby - as the mistress.
yu is More than hobbies at idlers. yu the whims we call
hobby, strangers - nonsense.
yu the Last hobby at all one - grandsons.

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