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Fear - as to struggle with it?

Fear - feeling inherent in each person. Who what did not tell, any person at least once, but had sensation of fear. As to fight against it?

At some people this feeling is especially allocated. Many people in life, cannot reach a lot of things having sensation of fear. The person is afraid to make what he never did. It also brakes it.

At some people this feeling is expressed in more irregular shape. They in general to be afraid of everything surrounding. Well for this purpose, work of the psychologist is necessary already.

Let`s consider statistics. About 45% of people (including I to be afraid to fly by plane, but nevertheless fly, overcoming the fear meanwhile. And 7% of people in general avoid air flights, do not even think of them.

Let`s say you catastrophically are afraid to go by the elevator. And once, you get to the building where you need to get on the 25th floor. You went on foot. You will be out of breath, but you have in consciousness a thought that nothing to happen. So it is necessary? First of all, not to give in to these fears, to meet the fear with highly raised head.

If you felt that the fear begins to overcome you, tell: “I will make that I planned“.

It is necessary to feel stronger than fear. If you cannot act this way? Draw fear on paper, give it a comic name, contact to it and you drive it away as it only appears and prevents you to live.

One more way to struggle with fears. Let`s say you cannot that that to make. Begin to motivate yourself. Try to offend yourself, type: I will be the l terminated d …, the cretin, a pra … ok if I do not execute today`s purpose and all in this sense. To any person you will not allow to offend yourself, and itself it is possible, for the sake of achievement of any result.

You need to achieve the big objectives every day? Present that if you do not make the purpose today, to the person close to you it will be very bad. Unless, if health and longevity it is admissible your mother, depended on performance of your daily purposes, really you from skin would not climb to execute today`s purpose. Therefore reflect over these and draw the conclusions.

More than 90% of fear come from the childhood. Therefore it is not necessary to be afraid to do especially that that new, unknown for you. When, you make what when were afraid, you will feel new inflow of forces which will only conduct you to a goal forward.

The fear arises from your big imagination. Therefore, try to think less of failures more how you achieve the result desirable to you.

In Japan the school of managers is considered one of the strongest. And you know why? At one of examinations, the student ask to execute that that extraordinary. To undress Let`s say on a central square to a goal (it is not necessary to run on the street and it is direct it now to do:)) and to sing or dance. So complexes break and the person forgets about fear of surrounding. It does what wants.

At us now though not what, but democracy. So of what to hesitate, to be afraid? Take everything in hand and do. Everything depends on you.

If all life of what that to be afraid, it is possible not to see also lives, and then to complain about destiny and to tell grandsons what you in youth were unfortunate.