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How to rearrange a toilet bowl?

In panel houses 30 - summer prescription did bathrooms combined, of 3,4 sq.m (2 m in width, 1,7 m in depth). In a corner there is a sewerage strut borrowing let and small, but nevertheless part of useful area. The toilet bowl is located facing a door, precisely opposite to a strut.

If in such bathroom to park the standard washing machine (60ő45 cm), then it will be inconvenient to sit on the “faience friend“. How independently to rearrange a toilet bowl to avoid inconveniences?

It is possible to make it, having established it at an angle 45 ° to a room axis. Starting such shift, you for certain want to replace old, served for many years, “the faience friend“ with a modern product. The choice of toilet bowls now huge, both in a form, and on color, i.e. for every taste. Do not buy only model with an angular tank which is specially intended for installation in a toilet corner. Release at such toilet bowl in the combined bathroom will rest against a wall, and it will be almost impossible to make to it the described eyeliner.

To rearrange a toilet bowl on the new place, best of all will approach the average compact size with a width of tank of 35 - 38 cm. And width and length of a faience bowl can be picked up for the dimensions.

How to transfer and develop a toilet bowl in the combined bathroom? At first it is necessary to buy necessary materials. For such reconstruction it is required to you:

• Two angular branches from PVC on 90 ° (diameter of 110 mm). In drawing - B and G.

• One branch on 45 ° for a toilet bowl with consolidation under release. In drawing - And.

• A piece of a waste pipe with a bell (diameter of 110 mm). In drawing - Century

the Piece can be necessary for lengthening of a transitional knee to rearrange a toilet bowl as it is possible closer to a room corner.

At once there is a question: what will we do with hollow after transfer of a toilet bowl? The place where it stood before, is too allocated against the floor covered with a tile. Therefore the most optimal variant - to date transfer of a toilet bowl for the general repair of a bathroom.

Question second: what to do if process of independent shift of a toilet bowl is dragged out? Where in this case to go to a toilet, not to neighbors? Buy a flexible corrugated eyeliner of the maximum length on this case. Disconnect fastening of an old toilet bowl and its branch, rearrange a toilet bowl far away from the place of the forthcoming work and connect it with a waste pipe with the help corrugations.

From the elements prepared for installation collect the design of the bringing knee shown in drawing. For convenience of its adjustment by the size take out rubber sealing cuffs from angular branches and bells. It is necessary to achieve exact coincidence of the ends of a knee to release of the toilet bowl established on the new place and to an entrance to a waste pipe. It is possible to make it, moving and putting forward connections of elements, having picked up, thus, the necessary length of a straight section.

After the end of adjustment note a marker on withdrawal of the place of connections. So it will be simpler to you to collect the design adjusted by the sizes for final installation. Sort the knee adjusted by the size, grease rubber cuffs with silicone greasing, establish them on the former place and collect again taking away design. Connect its branch with release of a toilet bowl, and the opposite end - with a waste pipe in a strut.

Now it was necessary to adjust the taking-away design on height. Its uniform inclination from a toilet bowl to a strut has to be not less than 1 - 2 °. And then, a marker, through holes in an unitazny pedestal, we note points for your fastening of “the faience friend“ on the new place.

Then we establish a compact tank. We check whether its edge rests against a wall. We drill in noted points in an opening floor for expansion bolt shields and we fix with their help a toilet bowl on the intended place, new to it.

Now it is possible to bring the washing machine. Now come to celebrate the affairs it will not disturb any more. Independent transfer of a toilet bowl on the new place - not such difficult work for those owners who have hands on the place.