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How to make apartment renovation in a new building?

If you became the happy owner of the apartment in a new building, then ahead you have a serious test - to bring housing to the state suitable for this purpose. How at the same time to save time, money and nerves? How to organize all work to avoid possible subquality work and mistakes and need of their subsequent elimination? What to begin apartment renovation in a new building with? should be begun with

A with the fact that to understand a difference in construction of houses monolithic and panel. The majority of offers of new real estate do in these houses. And they are under construction on different technologies. Therefore the apartment renovation technique in this or that new building will have essential differences.

In monolithic houses apartments have usually free planning. This uniform empty space which is limited only to external walls. Apartment renovation in a new building of this kind, naturally, will demand performance of large-scale works. Without involvement of experts, i.e. by own efforts, it is not possible to make such repair. At the same time, construction norms limit freedom in planning of the apartment. It is impossible to dismantle the ventilating channel, to carry out heating to the glazed loggia, to transfer a sewer strut, to plan a living room without radiators and windows or less than 9 sq.m.

Panel houses are put in operation with a coupler and interroom partitions, is frequent with distributing of pipes, an electrical wiring and even draft finishing. Re-planning in such new building will demand necessary coordination too. As for the repair, new settlers can quite cope with it by own efforts. It will be necessary to perform just finishing works here. However most often owners prefer to dismantle everything, up to radiators and to repair the apartment on the. In this case apartment renovation problems - new buildings, both in monolithic, and in panel houses, will be similar.

However, there are features . In monolithic houses shrinkage happens insignificant and uniform. Therefore apartment renovation in a new building of this kind can be begun right after receiving. The panel house will sink within one, and even two years. On a ceiling and walls during this time cracks usually appear. Therefore if repair of a new building in such house cannot be postponed, then it is better to use finishing materials, steady against shrinkage, to reinforce walls a grid, to use plastic panels instead of a tile in a bathroom, to mount stretch ceilings.

It is very important to find the reliable contractor and it is correct to construct relationship with it. The apartment renovation course in a new building cannot be neglected at all. Controlling process, the future housing it is necessary to visit at least one - two times a week. Each executed stage of work is accepted after its full completion. For example, it is necessary to pay a coupler when it completely dries. Then its shortcomings and flaws will be visible.

It is very convenient to the owner of the apartment in a new building when building materials are bought and delivered to the place of works by the contractor. In this case the owner will need to control all accounts and checks strictly. There is a danger of purchase of low-quality materials and fakes. It is better to buy all materials in specialized shops which give on them a guarantee. And if to be engaged in purchases independently, then it is necessary to study specifics of construction and finishing materials and level of their market prices.

How to avoid mistakes during apartment renovation in new buildings?

it is important to b to carry out the correct sequence of all processes Here . It is necessary to begin apartment renovation - new buildings with dirty and draft works. For example, welding should be done before laying of a tile, and to paint pipes - before pasting of walls wall-paper. Let`s hope that the team of builders employed by you correctly will lay all communications, without breaking technology and an order of works. The owner of the apartment at least should have the scheme of an electrical wiring of rooms. Even the simple nail hammered not on that place can lead to troubles.

Generally, it is good to begin repair with development design - the project. If it is not enough finance to charge it to experts, then prior to repair it is necessary to think over detailed planning of all rooms with estimation of arrangement of furniture. Here even the quantity and the locations of sockets is important. You do not want that wires of extenders spoiled a view of your new dwelling?

The wrong calculation of power of heating belongs to serious mistakes during apartment renovation in new buildings. It is better to put in the project radiators with a large number of sections which heat is regulated, than to freeze in the winter or to spoil an apartment interior electric heaters.

At a stage of capital repairs of the apartment it is convenient to make additional sound insulation in some rooms. The matter is that the interroom partitions executed from plasterboard designs are capable to reflect all sounds. Silence, as we know, the most important element of comfortable life.

Following fashionable tendencies in planning and finishing of apartments, try not to allow decisions for which you will regret later. For example, combination of kitchen with a drawing room even with a powerful extract will not rescue from distribution on all apartment of a smell of the prepared food. On a dark glossy tile which so shows to advantage in shop or on pages of the catalog drops of water will leave whitish marks.

We will concern a question of economy of means how to us without it?

Apartment renovation and furthermore in a new building, will always entail considerable financial expenses. Both materials, and work necessary for this purpose are expensive now. Creation design - the project will cost kopek too. At the same time, to optimize future expenses without loss of quality of repair quite on a shoulder to the ordinary person. The main thing is the nobility where such economy and where you should not resort to it is admissible.

It is possible to save the decent sum if to reveal all mistakes of builders and it is correct to issue the claims. Differently subquality work and flaws should be eliminated at own expense. For this purpose it makes sense to call the independent expert. The cost of its services, in comparison with those problems which it will help to avoid is not comparable.

Many owners would like to make inexpensive and high-quality repair and therefore are engaged in search of the crews offering low quotations. However it must be kept in mind that the average price of carrying out standard repair work in the capital region makes not less than 5 thousand rubles for sq.m without the cost of materials now. If the price twice lower is offered, then it is worth reflecting and pricking up the ears.

Some consider what can be saved, having invited for draft works of cheap workers, and to finishing - qualified. This delusion. The probability that real masters will demand to pay in addition for correction of the mistakes made by predecessors is high.

Keep in mind that shortcomings of finishing works cannot be hidden qualitative finishing materials. On the contrary, on smooth and equal walls even cheap wall-paper will look. It is possible to optimize expenses on finishing materials which are easy for replacing after a while. And those which will serve not one decade have to be high-quality.

On what it is possible to save really during apartment renovation in a new building, so it on purchase of domestic materials. Often they are much cheaper than import and do not concede to them on quality. Well and some stages of works for which take money it is possible to execute independently. For example, dismantle of the unnecessary equipment and garbage removal.

Apartment renovation in a new building - business expensive and troublesome. But nothing will be compared to feeling of the new settlers who drove in the qualitatively repaired housing.