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How to decorate an interior of the house with mirrors?

to Pick up mirrors in an interior of the house at first sight it seems business simple. However you should not forget that for each room the mirror has to be the. In a bedroom - this pier glass, will be suitable for a bathroom a moisture resistant mirror, and in a hall it that it was possible to see himself to the utmost is desirable. to

needs the Mirror in a bedroom. Here well the pier glass looks. This subject of an interior represents a curbstone or a dresser with the mirror strengthened in its top part. It is the best of all to dispose a pier glass closer to a window. Then the hostess of the house can carry out all cosmetic procedures at a daylight. If mirrors three, then it is already a three-leaved mirror. In it it is possible to take an all around view of himself. The classical three-leaved mirror now again becomes fashionable. There were models where behind the opening lateral mirror shutters shelves for ladies` trifles and cosmetics are hidden.

The mirror in an interior of your house will become ornament in beautifully picked up frame. It in this case does an interior of any room unique. It is possible to order a baguette for a mirror of any size and style in specialized workshops. It is possible to carry a tree to a classical frame. However the mirror in a wooden frame can visually weight a design. The bronze frame with a decor will be suitable for empire style of a frame of a mirror. The frame from the color aluminum shape will be combined with a room interior in style find fault - flew.

The mirror size in an interior of a hall has to be not less than 140 cm that you were reflected in it from the top to the heels. It is necessary to hang up it closer to an entrance door. Then before an exit from the house it will be possible to take of himself an attentive view. The mirror cloth has to hang on a wall strictly vertically that in a mirror there were no distortions. As natural lighting in a hall is absent, it is desirable to make illumination of a mirror. At this sconce usually place on both of its parties. So your reflection in a mirror awaking more natural. Now quite often doors of cases - a compartment do mirror too.

The mirror in an interior of a drawing room should not be big. Here the correct selection of a form and style matters. Mirror cloths for a drawing room often do with an engraving or silk-screen printing.

Any bathroom, probably, cannot do without mirror. Usually it have over a sink. How to pick up a mirror for a bathroom? It by all means has to be moisture resistant, i.e. is made without copper use. It at oxidation gives ugly dark stains on a smooth surface. The frame here is usually not necessary. The mirror in an interior of a bathroom can be mounted on a wall by special glue aflush with a tile. However models of mirrors on sliding rotary arms can be more convenient here. Their feature is that one party of a mirror increases display. Also mirrors in a bathroom often fix in doors of wall lockers or sell complete with a shelf. The more mirrors, the small bathroom seems more.

How to use mirrors in an interior of small-sized apartments? The inhabited space can be increased visually by means of a mirror tile. In the form she is rectangular, square and even round. The last is usually used for drawing up a mirror panel. Square tiles can be glued end-to-end each other. It relieves of fractional display. For installation of a mirror wall use special glue which is not visible on joints. The standard size of a mirror tile 25 x 25 cm, but is also the bigger size. In fashion finishing of ceilings a mirror tile in a bathroom and in a hall.

A mirror - beautiful and useful attribute in an interior of your house.