Rus Articles Journal

Plot inside and conspirators among us???

Great resettlement of the people... long ago ended, but clowns remained... Or clowns were left?

I sometimes am perplexed, apropos, all our conquerors... Really, all of them were, so short-sighted? And something can does them such as soon as they enter on our earth? Something dims eyes, confuses reason, weakens thought process, turning the most nice life, into one continuous... a mistake - disappointment...
Still, very mysteriously looks as from one territory, one people left or were simply washed away, and to not safe, Europe of that time. And some remained or on the contrary, pribluditsya and borrowed, the become empty spaces. Having inherited, a rank of fools and local roads.
They say that Chingizkhan was not going to conquer Russia and to the sons, it is bequeathed, but alas... The nature on children of geniuses, in the majority, unfortunately. . has a rest. The only conflict with Kievan Rus`, at it is a fight on Kalka. And that took place, only, as result of rash policy, and to tell the truth, usual conceit and conceit, the galitsky prince Mstislav. Which took in head to kill the Horde ambassadors. Even without having listened! And those, only wanted to receive back, the run-away from them, Polovtsian leaders. Ponder! Zashchitnichek, was! Hid under the wing, Cumans... plundering and forcing Russia, throughout many centuries and by the way, continuing to do it further... Reminds nothing? Whether so always arrived, ours pseudo - friends? And why, always so pulls us, to rescue traitors? Rhetorical question.
Judging by the last researches and according to many historians, the Golden Horde was prepared, much more considerable destiny. Destiny of the first, world empire. From the Pacific Ocean and to Atlantic. But.... it did not develop. Took in head, us to submit! Also subdued, to the own harm... Having spent shock power and in a consequence, having weakened and having become corrupted, in race for power and riches.
What winds, blow over us? What charms, hold down our hearts and deaden, our souls? What turns beautiful, straight and majestic successors of powerful civilizations, into defective, thievish, eternally unfortunate folk? With history, quite transparent. To the falsifications everyone by the coming governor and each new ideology consisting of lie and subjected.
Lev Tolstoy considered that well-known “The word about a regiment...“, it was written several centuries later. Correctly it, excommunicated! There is nothing to stick the nose there where it is not necessary! Ferstein?
Is really so difficult to guess what getting to a hole, there are same, as well as inhabitants of a hole?
Napoleon reached Moscow, Hitler almost. So what? The strongest armies of the time, failed... Hopes of these nations, rolled in dirty pools. I do not feel sorry for them. I grudge our blood. Because the best perish and survive, not the most noble...
What pleasure to us from what about us was broken off by teeth, all these monsters?
we still in the same place where also is.
Lost to us, live better us. And won... in general... disappear... Who studies
there and admires, the Bermuda Triangle? Hey! You come to us.
the Huge territories and continuous abnormal zone.
I lasts this zone, after us, having seized bony and sharp-clawed paws. Without releasing where we, were not...

On the Potsdam
ground there was a state of emergency
Again Tanks aimed in a target
A got to BMP
do not long our mothers
of the Maid wait, not in
trousers Send us to a demobilization
Directly in zinc coffins

Remembered a chastushka which was executed in a muzvzvoda...
So turned out that the last year served in Group of the Soviet troops in Germany and made business trips in parts. And once, in one part, the alarm woke at night. All were built on a parade-ground and along a system went several civil, accompanied by the German police officers. Later, when they left... asked one of commanders:
- And what happened?
- In the neighboring town, robbed shop.
- And why to look for responsible, arrived to the Soviet part?
- So stole, a bottle of schnapps and a stick of sausage!
Such here, joke.
Which absolutely and not a joke.
is Liked to be told at us, about universal plots. To accuse we any, are ready... Евреи,американцы,миллиардеры,инопланетяне... Who there following? Here and I thought up, quite beautiful explanation. It is all about the territory which we occupy. Perhaps it is time to look for another? And all together. Having sent here to live, all others. And to us... there... To us to enjoy, and of. now suffer, instead of us.
Threw us! Precisely I speak to you. When there was a great resettlement of the people, put off a setup. It is time to appoint everything an arrow and dismantling, to make...
Here so the Russian intellectual, turns in criminal, with all attributes. If business concerns, it personally.
Perhaps I am not right? Forgive to
, misters and companions.
I is valid, lies... where - nibud, deeply underground, the generator of misfortunes... Also negative waves disperse from it. Also it becomes hopeless, and it is sick at heart... Also there is a wish to howl on the moon. Also only vodka rescues the Russian person. And maybe not only, it. There is a lot of options.
Grows warm in a throat. Pain calms down. Brighter than paint...
Was uttered?
A now, dosvidos!
Is time, to go further.